Royal Grumble I | 2120


The Crown is not a TV show. It’s a ‘nonstatutory corporation sole’. 

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Royal Grumble I

Ok ok, In an attempt to please a small but vocal segment of the audience. I’m going to talk about the royals. But we have a problem. 

I sat for an hour yesterday to write the draft script for today and accidentally wrote 2500 words. With no end in sight. 

This is why I mentioned in Episode 20-18 that this topic is more of an IRL thing. We both drink beer, I monologue, you listen.

So I’ve added a number to the show’s title. A slow burn mini series or something.

Anyways. Let’s begin with a disclaimer: I am not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination. Nor am I a staunch Republican. 

I am instead what I like to think of as a ‘Royal Realist’. 

What exactly is a ‘Royal Realist’? Well to miss appropriate Ronald Coase its about understanding ‘The Nature Of The Firm’.

Royalist realism is taking the Royal Family seriously as a political, cultural and geopolitical actor. I have plenty of friends who’ll say ‘The royal family doesn’t have any real power, they are just a tourist attraction. what’s the harm?’. 

To which I say. The Duchy of Cornwall AKA Prince Charles vetted laws to stop his tenants from having the right to buy their homes.

Now, did Prince Charles sit at his desk and read all the legislation in person or whatever? Probably not.

But these exemptions are made as part of the standard parliamentary process. Under a mechanism known as ‘Queen’s consent’. We know from reporting this year that The Queen or rather ‘the institution of The Crown’ has vetted more than 1,000 parliamentary bills during her reign.

The 1967 leasehold reform act includes exclusions that allow the Duchy of Cornwall to operate its holdings as an actual feudal estate.

The Crown is not a TV show but a ‘nonstatutory corporation sole’

Let me explain. 

There are two types of corporation in British Law. A Corporation Sole and a Corporation Aggregate. All the things that come to mind when you think about what corporations are, are the second kind. Companies made up of individual persons IE partners or directors in ‘aggregate’

“The Crown” is the former.

Corporations sole evolve from church law. Legal entities consisting of a single (“sole”) incorporated office, occupied by a single (“sole”) natural person. 

Simply put, the ‘office’ that controls the assets.

For example: when you become a Bishop you put on the Pectoral cross and along with it comes a legal jaeger. You are a bishop, but now control the office and assets of the bishop.

Whilst it has a complicated history; ‘The Crown’ goes back to William III. Essentially it ensures that when the sovereign dies, the sovereign never legally dies.

‘The Firms’ mission is to ensure the continuation of ‘The Crown’. 

Think for a moment about ‘The Crown Estate’. You know that thing that owns quite a bit of central London and are nightmare landlords. The entity that owns Virtually all of the UK’s seabed from mean low water mark out to 12-nautical-miles and approximately 55% of the UK’s foreshore

‘Oh’ I hear you say, but it has to give 75% of its profits to the government’. Sure. But The Crown Estate represents “the sovereign’s public estate”. Since 2011 the 25% that remains after the government takes its tithe is paid to the Monarch’s private estate.

In essence. What’s good for The Crown is good for The Government. An entity that has enormous power over all the naturally occurring gold and silver in the UK. Our shorelines, a lot of farmland and much more.

The Queen is its owner in so much as she’s the one wearing the crown and piloting the Mech.

Further afield let’s consider the Cayman islands. The City of London, The Crown and the UK Government’s primary role in the world (since the end of empire and rise of global finance capitalism) has been to operate the world’s tax havens. The Cayman Islands will stash anyone’s money as long as it has the bosses face on it. The boss of course being The Queen. And her face is on about one third of the world’s money.

The Cayman islands are a ‘Parliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy’. Locals have some democracy for local issues and elect a Premier every 4 years. A role that by the way was up until 2009 known as ‘Leader of Government Business’. Which isn’t a good role title if you’re in charge of a notorious tax haven.

The actual de facto head of state for the Cayman Islands is the Governor. Appointed by the monarch on the advice of the British government. Again what’s good for the government is what’s good for the Crown. 

In 2016 Jeremy Corbyn said that if elected prime minister he would impose direct orders on British overseas territories and crown dependencies to stop them acting as tax havens

This is an under discussed reason why the Establishment made it its mission to destroy the man by any means possible.

To close I’ll briefly gesture toward Prince Harry’s recent comments about what it’s like being in the royal family. 

In the next part we’ll consider what it must be like trapped inside the mechanisms of an institution that has not cared about anything other than itself since 1760.

The script above is the original script. It may differ from what ended up in the audio due to time constraints and editing.

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