The Experiment – The First Video Episode | 2122


An exciting car cash of an Episode. Over the sound of the wonderful accident I talk about Etsy buying Depop.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

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The Experiment

Well, well, well, this is Saturday, the 5th of June, and this is episode 21, 22 of three, a one permanently moved to online, a personal podcast, 301 seconds in length written, recorded and edited by me. At the Jamie.


[00:00:14] so things might sound a little bit different today because I’m trying an experiment. If you go back and listen to the first five or six episodes of the show, you’ll hear that I made them largely off the cuff. Unscripted.

[00:00:27] If you go back and listen to the very first episode of the show Episode 1801. I think You’ll find that it sounds very different from what it became, but not that different from today’s

You’ll hear hints of what the show turned into a tightly scripted five minute show.  You’ll also hear hints of a different show. Something more improvisational unscripted.

[00:00:46] It’s a road that I didn’t explore, but now in 2021, as we’re in the midst of season four, four, perhaps it’s time to take a look again at that unexplored road

So the plan for this episode is for me to speak off the cuff and record a whole episode. But this time use Descript. Which means that I can generate a transcript from my audio recording. and shoot video. So if you go to my YouTube channel or the show notes for this episode, you’ll find the video.

I think the next time that I do this, I’ll try and record a fully scripted episode with the video and see how that turns out.

But that won’t be next week because I’m going on holiday and I’m going to the woods.

[00:01:22] Next week’s episode will be guest hosted by J David Osborne, the writer, podcast host of No Country and blogger over at

[00:01:30]He’s already sent it over and it’s really it’s going to be a great episode. I hope you enjoy it too.

[00:01:35] I’ve set myself a limit of three takes for this episode. So essentially about half an hour of recording 10 minutes each. And what you’re hearing and seeing probably all different parts of that spliced into the one episode.

I must admit I’ve already come across several technical challenges. My 2015 MacBook pro won’t actually edit 1080p Video inside of Descript. So I’m going to have to record it on my Mac. with the camera and my microphone, plugged into my hub.

[00:02:02]And then I have to upload it to the cloud, get out my windows laptop, and then edit the video on there. Which is a little annoying as you can imagine, but we’ll see how it turns out.

[00:02:13]I don’t really know what to talk about for the rest of the episode, to be honest.


[00:02:17]When I went on my big trip around Asia. We finished up in Perth, Australia and stayed with my good friend, Dr. Kane. He was a really close colleague of mine at a startup that I used to work at. Together we were known as the ‘fun brothers’. So he knows me really well.


[00:02:34]While we’re in Perth. He and Eve were both talking about me and they were joking about how I always have opinions about things. So then that developed as a running joke that became pin of the day. Or POTD.

[00:02:50] So perhaps that’s what this is. Today’s pin. What shall we talk about?

[00:02:54] Etsy buying Depop seems like a pretty big deal?

I think it was $1.6 billion that they spent. I think that’s a really interesting move and a really big deal to the second hand and individual creator economy. I think we’ll probably see services being created inside of the Etsy landscape that are also related to Depop.

[00:03:13]Mending services, embroidery, so on and so forth that uses the Depot infrastructure, but the service or product set up from Etsy.

I’d send my shirts off to get tailored by someone local. Instead of taking them into the tailors, it’d probably be cheaper too. I don’t know about you, but Depop is absolutely massive and it also speaks to a wider trend that’s going on in the fashion industry.

I read the other day that pre-owned apparel is worth up to $40 billion a year currently, and it’s about 2% overhaul overall close market, but that is expected to grow. About 15 to 20% annually. I think it is for the next five years.

The number of people visiting high street shops at the moment – Post pandemic or in this opening up period that we’re in, is about over a third down on May, 2019. And I think this is because people just don’t want fast fashion anymore.

And I know that this is kind of me confirming my biases from my, this is it essay. But I believe it to be true. I mean, I hang out in the solar punk community on tumbler and in discord and there is very much a trend of people not wanting to engage with fast fashion.

People, only wanting to buy quality things. With the growth of Depop in the last few years, especially in my kind of friendship groups in London, it also makes me wonder what eBay is now for?

I’m only really familiar with Etsy from looking at people selling 3d printed wargaming models. But it’s a hidden hidden part of the creative economy. But people who usually focus on podcasters and people who use pareon et cetera. So it kind of gets overlooked.

Honestly, this has been really hard and I’m going to try and get better at it.

Maybe the only way I only can do that is through practice.

I started the show because I wanted to make something.

Now I’m trying to add video. And why not experiment? But as I said, I’m going to try this again with a Um,

We’ll see how it goes.


Text above is a lightly edited raw transcript from Descript. Its not great, but not all bad either?

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4 responses to “The Experiment – The First Video Episode | 2122”

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