Skill Acquisition

I’ve had a weird week. It’s consisted of lurching from one small thing to another. Never settling on anything for more than 5/10mins.

4 minutes

I’ve had a weird week. It’s consisted of lurching from one small item on my todo list to another. Never settling on anything for more than 5/10mins. I’ve not been able to sit down and make headway on any ‘big things’. Its a little frustrating but on the other hand I’ve blasted though all the things that have been sitting on the todo list for ages.

I’m really pleased with how the podcast video version turned out this week (see below), I knew it would get better with a little practice. Now I’m more familiar with Descript’s UX, the video version is starting to resemble what I had in my head when I ran The Experiment the other week.

I bought a Ulocool RGB Led Video Light this week after it being pointed out to me on the Infra slack. It seems to be a rebadged (and cheaper) version of the Ulanzi light I mentioned last week. I’m going to use them both for a couple weeks and then I may do a review comparing the two.

As for the podcast, in the short term I’m still trying to learn how to edit it in a way that doesn’t impact the audio. When I get a bit more slick with the editing tools, I’ll experiment with cuts and filters in the video version. In inclusion of Eisenhower this week was a test.

A friend asked me during the week why I was bothering with it all (as I have asked myself too). It’s partly true that I can get a ‘free’ video version along with the audio, but it’s also about learning new things/skills.

Zoomers on TikTok are all intuitively becoming film makers and I’m interested in having a grasp of the sensibilities working in video requires at the very least.

I really enjoyed making that bullet journal video the other year, so I’m thinking of making a zine to sell along side a thing I’m working on (on of the ‘big things’ I didn’t make any headway on this week). Maybe film the making of it stationary tube style? Maybe I’ll also make a short film to go along with the text and audio I’m noodling on? Who knows!

All this is to say I’m doing it because its skill acquisition.

This was the only photo I took this week. Enjoy

Permanently Moved

I’m Talkin’

The UFO report, UAPs, the black bird analogy, industry developmental programs, orthogonal innovation, the democrats, and war with china?

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Accepted a cool podcast appearance
  • Reached out to some potential CIWM guests
  • Sent some invoices
  • Wrote a bunch of stuff that will never see the light of day
  • Read some fantastic forthcoming essays from friends – can’t wait for them to drop

Dipping the Stacks

Chris Newman is not the answer – Res’s Newsletter

From the rising star of regenerative agriculture to a business crisis and resultant scandal, Chris Newman’s vision has blinded us to a reality of alternative agriculture that works

Because IP is also deathless and eternal, AMC is developing an Anne Rice extended TV universe. β€Ή Literary Hub

we are proud to have the stewardship of three unique, fan-forward and beloved franchises and universes, which we are only just beginning to explore

We All Have β€œMain-Character Energy” Now | The New Yorker

On social media post-pandemic, everyone is ready to become a protagonist.

[I’ve aways tried to have secondary character energy tbh]

Welcome to the New Roaring 20s

From rappers peddling crytpo to boxers fighting YouTubers, excess is the hallmark of the post-Trump era. Is it just covering up the same old inequalities?

Curses, Chaos Magic, Speech Synthesis and Adventures in Text

This lie – that turbulence is speed is progress – is a bit like the one about America being the Wealthiest Nation, as opposed to the truth that it’s simply the host country to a handful of the biggest wealth-hoarders on the planet


I finished listening to Dan Abnett’s Gaunt’s Ghosts #6 Straight Silver. Love to have Toby Longworth read me a story.

I’ve taken to reading just one short story from β€˜The Anthology of English Folk Talesβ€˜ a night before bed.

Still slogging though Building Imaginary Worlds: The Theory and History of Subcreation over breakfast before writting my diary.

Picked up Rich Dad, Poor Dad on kindle. I’ve started it but not got very far. Struggling to see how/way it’s such an influential book, but I expect that to change.

Music Spotify Playlist

Merzbow – Scandal

I’ve been listening to Merzbow’s Scandal all week. Literally over and over again.

It’s a compilation album containing unreleased material is from 1992-95. As you progress though the album you can hear  Masami Akita’s brain working out the aesthetic transition from experimental tape work to confrontational noise.

There is something deeply fascinating happening in amongst all the looped Noise on this album. You can imagine Akita standing there with all his gear late at night (in the evening) making this racket and thinking it sounded really good – which (I suppose) is the scandal.

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