It Was Only a Matter of Time

I’m writing this on my phone in bed-feeling pretty grotty. Luckily for you though, I start my Weeknotes on Wednesdays.


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I’m writing this on my phone in bed – feeling pretty grotty. Luckily for you though I start my Weeknotes on Wednesdays, so you can have half a post this week.

I had symptoms and tested positive for covid-19 on Friday.

Despite having tested negative on a LFT Thursday morning before seeing my parents for lunch 😞

I’m still waiting for a my PCR results so I can become a proper statistic

Friday was all fever + chills followed by a loss of taste and smell. Since then I’ve just felt up and down. Feeling a bit better, then doing something (like eating) then crashing out again. I feel like I have something sitting on my chest, my sinus’ are blocked and I feel like shit. Delta symptoms basically.

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 on Nintendo Switch, and have been burning through Warhammer audiobooks in bed all weekend.

Yesterday I dipped a spoon in some English mustard and ate it neat. I felt my sinuses clear, but in the main the experiment was merely -whelming. The closest thing I can describe not having a sense of taste or smell to is that it’s like having depression. But for the mouth.

It’s really weird how the media (especially recently) flattened the coivd discourse down to alive vs dead as a %chance consequence of catching it. Long covid definitely is a worry right now. A few of my friends haven it to various different degrees of severity, and I’m praying that I’m in the 80% of people with who have no long term effects. Crohn’s and Long Covid sounds like a really terrible pulp Detective novel.

In the UK, ‘freedom day’ is nearly upon us. Some time after which – by its own admission, the government is expecting about 100k people a day to be catching the virus.

But what is remarkable to me about the whole 100k infections a day thing, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere is that it’s the equivalent of a small towns worth of people being taken out of the workforce a day.

In the very short term over the summer, who is going to drive the trains, stack the shelves, answer the phones and keep things ticking along?

There’s still gonna be some economic chaos either way.

Anyways. I’m going back to sleep for a bit.

Tonight is a good night to filter my ebay searches for listings ending soon.

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Twitter is a parasite that burrows deep into your brain, training you to respond to the constant social feedback of likes and retweets.

Old Time Radio

This station (website) broadcasts Old Time Radio shows 24/7 for free.

Your TikTok Feed Is Embarrassing – The Atlantic

Something is wrong with me, and TikTok knows it.

I can tell because its recommendation algorithm keeps providing me with videos that only a horrible person would like.

S01 Episode 9: We Built This City on a Camera Roll

The word β€œwanghong” (网纒) is inescapable in China. It’s everywhere as a descriptor, online and offline. There is no precise translation. At the simplest level, it means β€œinternet famous,” referring in its earliest iterations to viral personalities or social media influencers.

The word has since mutated

Video Games Are a Labor Disaster: A Review of Jason Schreier’s “Press Reset” | The New Republic

Video game workers are not treated poorly because it’s so hard to make a game. The causation might actually run in the other direction: It might be hard to make a video game because the people who make them are treated so poorly.


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6 responses to “It Was Only a Matter of Time”

  1. Parker Q. avatar
    Parker Q.

    Hey Jay,

    I hope you get well soon. Here in the states, we’ve gotten very lax about Covid-19 reporting, although stuff about the Delta strain does occasionally make it into the news. I’m glad to be starting a remote position, but I think I will return to taking more precautions when I go out.

    Also, absolutely love the Old Time Radio site. Lights Out and Inner Sanctum inspired me to go into voice acting, so I’m super excited that there is another avenue to revisit these.

    1. Jay avatar

      Hey, thanks for the get well wishes!

      I LOVE old timey radio too. I’ve done a couple of podcasts about my fav old shows.

      I was actually talking to a friend the other day about investigating the idea of doing improv on zoom with a few folks. Riffing for an hour or so and then cut it down to 10 or 20min episodes. Add sound effects and narration in post.

      There’s a few improv podcasts out there, but they don’t do anything in post.

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