Upcoming Events: September 2021

I’m speaking at two conferences in September: Futurecon & Ars Electronica. Both events are Solarpunk adjacent, looking forward to them!

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I’m speaking remotely at two conferences in September. Futurecon + Ars Electronica. Both events are Solarpunk adjacent. Really looking forward to both of them. As usual once the recordings are online I’ll post ’em to the blog.


WHAT PUNK ARE YOU? Past, Present and Future Trends in Anti-capitalists Science Fiction


  • FΓ‘bio Fernandes (Brazil, host)
  • Jay Springett (UK)
  • Nicoletta Vallorani (Italy)
  • Pepe Rojo (Mexico)
  • Samit Basu (India)

Set a reminder! Watch it here.


Branch Magazine Symposium: Solarpunk and Other Worlds


What kind of stories should we be telling in the context of a climate-changed world, and what role does technology and the internet play in them?

This panel will feature discussions focusing on Solarpunk as movement that seeks to imagine what an environmentally and socially just world could look like, and how to get there. Solarpunk offers a courageous and pragmatic counterpoint to more pessimistic storytelling, like dystopian cyberpunk. The panelists may also discuss Other Worlds, alternatives to current paradigms that go beyond where the solarpunk imaginary takes us.

The discussion will span topics such as: decolonialism and climate justice, ecological economics, inhuman intelligences, agencies and assemblages, humans as observers, collaborators and stewards, technology and the internet, what it means to embrace the unknown, and more.

  • Christine Lariviere (CA, Host)
  • Luiza Prado (BR)
  • Sarah Friend (CA)
  • Jay Springett (UK)

Check the event details out here

I’ve just updated my Talks page.
It has links to documentation of public talks I’ve given going back to 2012.

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