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In no particular order, here’s some things from friends and acquaintances that I think you should check out. 

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I haven’t made an episode recommending other people’s work for a little while. 

When you’ve done 150+ podcast episodes. It’s hard to remember what got posted where. So I looked it up and the last time I did one of these was July of last year.

I talked about how I was trying to pay more attention to things created by people I know IRL. Blogs, podcasts, essays, web shows, writing etc. 

The lockdowns last year resulted in me tightening my information sources. Being more discerning about where I was placing my attention. And what I was placing my attention on.

I think it’s super important to orient your attention towards things that are being created by people you know. I don’t mean social media posts or instagram snaps. But longer, more thoughtful content that is going out into the world.

So in no particular order, here’s some things from friends and acquaintances that I think you should check out. 

First out the gate is β€˜ol buddy old pal and fellow Solarpunk, Andrew Dana Hudson’s new newsletter.

Long time listeners may remember Andrew from his guest episode Midsommar vs The Buddha from way back in the before times. Episode 19-35 back in November 2019. He also co-wrote the BSFA longlisted Solarpunk short story β€˜In the Storm, a Fire’ with me.

Andrew and I chat every day and I’m really glad that he’s finally started a fortnightly newsletter. 

The first email went out last week. He explained that as an upcoming author, with not one but two books up for pre-order he’s found promoting his work difficult. Tweets/posts about them having far less engagement than regular tweets. So he’s pulled the trigger on rule 101 internet marketing, and building a mailing list. 

The newsletter is still taking shape. But in the first issue includes what he’s currently working on. Links to things he’s been involved with. Interesting tidbits of research he’s come across for his socialist detective novel Zoo York City and a personal update. Good stuff.

Continuing with newsletters. OG conceptual crypto artist and fellow member Rhea Myers has started an occasional newsletter about her art, work and media appearances. The first newsletter covers her newest work Proof That One Doge Equals One Doge. Stay up to date at

My next recommendation is the Night Dream Podcast by Laurie Pike. A recent addition to my podcatcher after Laurie liked a tweet of mine a few weeks ago. The show is fantastic.

β€˜A collection of short/flash/meta fiction which puts the listener at the centre of the story‘. Each story in the second person. Pike’s writing, narration and production results in capturing the project’s dream-like qualities. Especially if you (like I did) binge the entire back catalogue of 100 short stories over just a few days. 

As luck would have it. I’m away next week and the Night Dream Pod will be guest hosting next week’s episode. Presenting a short story called β€˜Pit of Snakes’. So go binge the Night Dream today to whet your whistle. I’m thrilled to have Laurie guest hosting next week.

Next up is old buddy β€˜ol pal and another guest host around these parts author Huw Lemmey.

You may know him has the author of the as yet incomplete Chubz trilogy of political satire. Co-author of the book Unknown Language in collaboration with 12 Century Mystic Hildegard of Bingen. Or as the co-host of the massively popular podcast Bad Gays.

The publisher Verso, recently announced that the podcast is becoming a book in 2022. Written with co-host Ben Miller, Bad Gays: A Homosexual History will put the queer villains and evil twinks of history centre stage. Pre orders are open now. 

O’l buddy and O’l pal, Jay Owens AKA @hautepop, the writer behind of the smash hit newsletter Disturbances, recently announced her first book. Dust: A History and a Future of Environmental Disaster. It is being published by Hodder & Stoughton in hardback, trade paperback, audio and e-book in 2022.

The book will cover the deep entanglements of people, capitalism, and the natural environment, from the earliest industrial history into the future speculative technologies for geoengineering a cooler planet. 

Jay or Other Jay as we refer to each is a fantastic writer and I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. 

Next up is the anthology/collection Altered States by Ignota Books. The book brings together thirty-six contributions united around the questions: What are altered states of consciousness? And Can altered states produce altered worlds? 

The book explores consciousness and revelatory experience.

It has some amazing contributors: K Allado-McDowell, Paige Emery, Erica Scourti, Emily Segal, Merlin Sheldrake, Rebecca TamΓ‘s and Ayesha Tan to name a few. 

Lastly but not least, it would be remiss of me to not mention the ongoing kickstarter for the Solarpunk Magazine. Which at the time of writing is fully funded with 22 days still to go.

Solarpunk magazine will be publishing short stories, poetry, art, non-fiction and more in a utopian mode. It will provide space for optimistic stories about sustainable communities that thrive on cooperation and mutual aid. There are now plenty of people who want to read optimisitc stories, and people writing them. Solarpunk magazine is hoping to bring the two together. 

I had a fantastic conversation with a few members of the editorial team the other week, and I’m excited for the future of the project.


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