First Full Game of Kill Team

The first turn of our first game went by.. slowly

This week I had my first full game of Kill Team. I should be playing it every two weeks now on the regs and I can’t wait.

The rules are nowhere near as clear as the new 40k Edition. So the first turn of our first game went by.. slowly. The line of site and terrain rules are baffling written. But one you realise that the game is supposed to simulate lil dudes charing about in a close combat killzone it makes way more sense.

I can totally see how a game of Kill Team 2021 can last 20-30mins once you know what you’re doing. Hoping to get up to about 3 games in one evening.

It was super fun, and the rule set allows for some really cinematic moments. Far more so than the previous edition did as ’40k lite’.

I can’t wait to play more games and get really into the weeds of the games mechanics. I have a feeling that Kill Team 21 is going to get even better once the simulation is out of the way.

I think I might spend some time building my own list in the next week or so and orderup a boat load of models to convert a KT up with. For the first time in my life, having played this game I’m thinking of going to a Warhammer tournament. 😬

New Pixel 6 arrived. It’s a big step up from my launch day Pixel 3 which was on its last legs.

I have no complaints at all about this new phone. Battery is easily lasting 2 days under my usual sub 2 hours of daily use when I’m working form home.

I’m sure that the people complaining about battery life on the pixel 6 all use their phone’s an unhealthy amount.

The new camera is fantastic. I’ve yet to play with all the new modes and features, but when I do I’m sure I’ll take a banger. I’m definitely going to do a photo-a-day/365 project in 2022. I’ll probably post the daily photos I take as a weekly post? Probably as a separate post the weeknotes. When again, posting them daily feels like a better use of the blog as medium.

Still haven’t seen Dune.

Was supposed to go to the iMax but I couldn’t bring myself to go, so I bailed and wasted my ticket. I don’t want to be complicit in the any culture war bullshit around it. Not gonna play.

Permanently Moved

What Happens When the Queen Dies?

The reality field produced by the British State will come crashing into contact with the State of Britain. 

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Spreadsheetin’
  • Gearing up for Nanowrimo 2021
  • Explaining to clients that the metaverse isn’t VR.
    • Facebooks rebranding to Meta, and using that fucking terrible CGI concept video to explain the metaverse has set the public imagination back 5 years at least.
    • Anyways TLDR If you think Facebook rebranding as Meta is bullshit, you should probably learn about and get into Web3.

Dipping the Stacks

How Nostalgia Can Hide Dark Political Realities β€Ή Literary Hub

Across the West, politics in the 21st century has been dominated by two features: nostalgia-based populism and identity politics. Not only has liberal democracy, with its pleasant mix of consumer culture and rights-based individualism, failed to triumph, in many places it’s in retreat, while the hope for a technocratic political culture based on reason, science, and expertise is increasingly forlorn.

An Oral History of β€˜Π‘Ρ‡Π°ΡΡ‚Π»ΠΈΠ²Ρ‹ вмСстС,’ the Russian Remake of β€˜Married… with Children’

Of course, we changed the name. In the Russian version, Happy Together is more positive, and we did that because we couldn’t literally translate the name Married… with Children. In America, the saying β€œmarried with children” is like a stamp in your passport β€” it’s a social classification.

The Muslimness of Dune: A Close Reading of β€œAppendix II: The Religion of Dune” |

My Arab friends wonder why it’s called science fiction. Dune, they say, is religious commentary. The thing that has often been aimed at it is that it is philosophical fiction, rather than science fiction.

What we can learn from “_why” the long lost open source developer Β· GitHub

β€œ_why is our Picasso, or perhaps Dali,” says Software Architect Eleanor McHugh. β€œHe would write beautiful code, code written just because it could be done, rather than to solve a particular problem. He wrote code because it was fun, and the code was justified by its own existence.”

Back To Windows – Transom

Apple has been on a downward trajectory for years. To borrow a phrase, Apple has given up. They are no longer a technology company, but a fashion company that specializes in phones and timepieces. Build quality has suffered and time spent at the Genius Bar has ballooned. The price is driven up by dumb features like digital touchbars. They are weighed down with bloatware. The obsolescence is planned.


As a gesture toward the season, this week I listened to the audio book of Sepulturum by Nick Kyme. Part of the Warhammer horror series. It’s more of a novella, two main plot points of view that explodes into a huge cast of characters only to funnel back down again as the horror occurs.
I think it’s one of Kyme’s best stories for Black Library. Really grimdark. The writing style he employed in this story really suits him.

I’m still reading the Letters of J R R Tolkien. Just a couple of letters every night before bed. My favourite type/theme of letters included int he collection are the woe is me exchanges with his publisher. He seems in constant state of agitation about everything. Proofs, Poor quality map reproductions, the cover, the font etc. So funny.
The letters sent to early readers/fans responding to questions about ‘the world’ are the most fascinating – and the main reason i’m reading the book.

Music Spotify Playlist

My Koss Pro4aat headphones dies this week – I may need to hold a funeral for them. Just under 12 years of daily service. 1000’s of hours of use. The right hand headphone has died, and these Koss headphones aren’t very serviceable.

Not having a set of studio reference headphones in the house has kinda put me off listening to music some what. I’m thinking of getting a pair of AKG K702’s and using a slimline cable, but the don’t have a closed back, can’t really wear them out and about.

I honestly don’t know what to do now… Any recommendations out there for a pair of studio reference headphones – comments below!

Anyways. I’ve listented to this album a few times this week

Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance and Electronic Music 1983​-​1992

This album collects lost and under appreciated tracks from South Asian music scene. All the tracks hover around cosmic disco and electro and its FANTASTIC.

Musarrat – Hosh Nahin Hai Ji Mujhe

I love the bouncy drum line on this track. So catchy. Been singing it loads.

Sheila Chandra – The Awakening

This is the opening track, and I think it might be my favourite. Fantastic album so good, a real window into a different time and place.

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3 responses to “First Full Game of Kill Team”

  1. Jonny P avatar
    Jonny P

    Sorry to hear about your over-ear monitors. I’ve only had experience of one pair – Beyerdynamic DT 250 – but I’ve loved them for the ten years I’ve had them, mainly because you can Ship Of Theseus them. All parts are replaceable. They seem to be a fairly standard, entry level pair of flat frequency response monitors, the coiled cable’s a bit much if you’re on the move, and they are β€˜ugly’ (though personally I love the clunky, nothing special, utilitarian look) but I love them.

    1. Jay avatar

      Thanks for the tip Jonny! I’m add those Beyerdynamic’s to my list of possibilities. Looking forward to doing a deep dive and nerding out reading headphone forums at some point soon!

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