Damn It

I’m having one of those days where you find out your parker jotter went though the washing machine with all the white bedding.


I’m having one of those days where you find out your expensive parker jotter went though the washing machine with all the white bedding. Not a happy camper >:(

We went for a long walk earlier today. The Hogsmill was very high. It hasn’t even rained that much – but it is a full moon I guess.

The Old Man himself was monochrome. Very very grey. The light, the water, the trees and the sky….

We stopped for a hot chocolate along the Thames and it was all in all, a very nice afternoon.

If you have an A6 Moleskine Bullet Journal like I do, I’ve updated the layout spreadsheet spreadsheet. Given that its probably the most viewed/accessed thing I’ve ever put on the internet I consider it a community service at this point.

I haven’t started drawing and doing the layout for my 2022 bujo yet. Also, instead of doing a walk though post, I was thinking about trying to take some sick product photography shots of it lol.

EOY 2021

2021 has been a terrible year, far worse than 2020. There is no point in dwelling on it. The next year will unfold from the last.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Finished my essay for Solarpunk Magazine
  • I have 2 weird cutting edge gadget/cameras on their way. Can’t wait for them to arrive in Jan
  • More work in Unreal
  • Endless emails
  • Had some really good Zoom calls this week. More soon

Dipping the Stacks

Toxic Internet Culture From East To West – NOEMA

What the digital worlds of Japan’s imageboards and America’s alt-right reveal about real-life precarity.

Here’s Why Movie Dialogue Has Gotten More Difficult To Understand (And Three Ways To Fix It)

Film spoke with several Oscar-winning sound designers, editors, and mixers to learn why it has become tougher to understand what characters are saying.

PokΓ©mon and the First Wave of Digital Nostalgia | The New Yorker

A pixel-art revival is pushing back against the dull slickness of social media and building a new Internet aesthetic from the old.

NTT to launch data centres into space within five years – Telecoms.com

NTT and SKY Perfect JSAT have announced plans to work together to build an integrated computing network in space that will include, among other things, space-based data centres.

Ethiopian monoliths are 1,000 years older than previously thought – HeritageDaily – Archaeology News

Researchers from Washington State University have suggested that the giant stone monoliths of southern Ethiopia are 1,000 years older than previously thought. – HeritageDaily – Archaeology News


I finished the audiobook for Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill. Read about 20 more pages of Building Imaginary worlds.

The next book in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series narrated by Toby Longworth dropped on Audible yesterday. insta download. I’m one chapter in.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

Trust – Ducky

The new single from Ducky (previously on the blog) is a banger. The big side chain suction of the drop is excellent production.

Really dig the chopped and pitched vocals, and all the build ups. They go on for just a couple of bars too long and its very satisfying.

Meitei / ε†₯丁- KofΕ« II / 叀钨 II

Meitei is one of my favourite producers/electronic artists (also previously) KofuΜ„ II is a sequel album to the one I wrote about previously on the blog.

Honestly, the work speaks for itself. But here’s the Bandcamp description for the new album.

Meitei’s 2020 album ‘KofuΜ„’ was the bold bookend to an expedition, where sounds were first navigated and then subverted in 2018’s ‘Kwaidan’ and 2019’s ‘Komachi’.
All three albums were Meitei’s attempt at immersive storytelling, reimagining moments of Japanese history he felt were being washed away – not least by the unforgiving sands of time – through wistful compositions that stretched across ambient music, hauntology, and musique concrete.
When it came to finalizing ‘KofuΜ„’, Meitei found he was left with over 60 fully realized tracks, bursting with ideas that fired in divergent, curious directions. Meitei was content with the 13 tracks he had selected. But when it came time to begin his next album, he found that it had been sitting in front of him all along. He realized his work wasn’t over yet.
Meitei sounds right at home celebrating the past he first reimagined in his previous work. The merriment is palpable in its first two tracks of ‘KofuΜ„ II’ – a loop of cheery whistling amidst the clanking of wood leads into strings, cricket sounds and flutes, all united in bustling harmony.

Every Meitei album attached to this project has been an archaeological sonic journey though Japans media archives. Wonderful stull.

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