Near Future Laboratory Podcast NΒ°22

I recently had the honour of being the least accomplished guest to be interviewed on the Near Future Laboratory Podcast


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Earlier this year I found my way into the Near Future Lab Discord, and I’m so glad I did.

Julian invited me to be a guest at NFL’s General Seminar No9 on Synthetic Media/Synthetic Brands back in September.

As a follow up, I recently had the honour of being the least accomplished guest he’s had on the Near Future Laboratory Podcast. It is really nice to be on the show alongside so many familiar faces and for it to also feature a bit of flash fiction from Andrew Dana Hudson.

It was a great chat and we talked about all sorts: Crypto, Headless Brands, and Power Fandoms, Solarpunk, Blockchains, Governance and Gaming and more.

If you find yourself with a spare 1h10ms and are up for listening to Julian Bleecker and I have a freewheeling totally unstructured conversation then the show below is for you!

Jaymo a/k/a Jay Springett is a writer, podcaster, strategist, currently specializing in the distributed web, metaverse, and world running. He works with individuals and organisations to create cohesive worlds. Hybrid environments made up of people, places, technologies and the cultures they create together. You can find him and his work at

Here are some links to some of the material, references, and topics we covered:

Interdependence Ep. 22: This is All Happening Right Now: Solarpunk, cultural fracking and the real Jurassic Park with Jay Springett

Permanently Moved Podcast

Headless Brands Essay

β€œThe indifference Engine” (also The Indifference Engine – An Ecological Characterisation of Bitcoin)

Olalekan Jeyifous

Olalekan Jeyifous Is Imagining an Afrofuturist Brooklyn

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  2. […] Julian wrote in his OG 2009 design fiction essay that: “Design fiction objects are totems through which a larger story can be told, or imagined or expressed. They are like artefacts from someplace else, telling stories about other worlds” […]

  3. […] Earlier this week I jumped on the train and headed down 3 stops to meet up with Julian Bleecker from Near Future Laboratory, and the NFL podcast. […]

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