Dinner, Drinks

We checked into a fun little boutique hotel on Commercial Road yesterday and went out for dinner for Eves birthday.

5 minutes

It was Eve’s birthday yesterday, we went out and had lunch with her mum and sisters in Wimbledon then continued on into town. We checked into a fun little boutique hotel on Commercial Road in the afternoon and went out for dinner. But not just any dinner!

We went to Galvin La Chapelle and had the vegan tasting menu! We’ve had it booked for months, and been saving for it. We had the wine pairing too so we’ve both been very slow today. lol.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was amazing, the sommelier was super nice, as with all fine dinning the attention to detail paid by everyone in the building was next level. I think I’d definitely go back again. The food was absolutely amazing.

The only thing that let it down, had nothing to do with the restaurant by my post covid parosmia, some of the wines I was drinking tasted nothing like what Eve was tasting. lol

Anyways, here’s some gratuitous food porn:

Yeah damn, It was amazing.

Photo 365


Really pleased with how this shot came out, I got the lens flare by smearing my finger over my phones camera lens.

Permanently Moved

One Thing at a Time

This is by no means a world shattering observation. But have over 50 things on my list of things to do means that I’m not finishing anything.

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The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Doing a cool thing in a few months. Just waiting to sign the contract
  • Had some great calls this past week. Mostly catching up with people, but really engaging and inspiring convos.
  • This week has flown by, I’m a little behind already.

Dipping the Stacks

Watch a very strange video of Suzanne Vega performing “Tom’s Diner” in the metaverse | Boing Boing

Here’s Suzanne Vega in 2006 doing an interview and performing Tom’s Diner live in Second Life. Before singing, Vega explains why she’s often called the “mother of the MP3.”

Twitch Streamers Deliberately Get Themselves Banned For Copyright Infringement

One of the more controversial trends to gain traction on Twitch lately is the wholesale streaming of copyrighted TV shows by some of the site’s top streamers. Bizarrely they appear to have understood the consequences in advance and some are currently sitting out suspensions. So why bite the hand that feeds?

The Center Blows Itself Up: Care and Spite in the β€˜Brexit Election’ | by David Graeber | The New York Review of Books

The simultaneous embrace of markets, and of rules and regulations, represents the soul of what’s sometimes called β€œcentrism.” It’s a decidedly unlovely combination. Nobody truly likes it. But the talking classes had reached an absolute consensus that no politicians who departed significantly from it could possibly win elections.

Will nostalgia destroy pop culture? | Salon.com

I suppose the worst-case scenario is that things will just carry on as they are. Fukuyama’s original essay about the “End of History” is pretty ambivalent, and he says that perhaps after ideology is gone, we’ll just have centuries of boredom and we’ll actually invent ideological schisms to make life more exciting.

Is fly-tipping good for biodiversity? The importance of complexity in new landscape design – YouTube

Using brownfield and mineral extraction as our template we look at the potential of new landscapes to become our next nature reserves. We suggest it’s the complexity of structure, topography and soils that should drive our designs


I am still slogging though The Dawn of Everything.

I listened to The Emperor’s Finest the 7th book in the Ciaphas Cain series that just came out on Audible. Yet again Stephen Perring’s performance as narrator/Cain is magnificent.

I finished Julian of Norwich: A Very Brief History by Dr Janina Ramirez.

I’m not one for re-reading things. But suddenly two books get re-read at once: I put Adam Savage’s Every Tool’s a Hammer on my phone and listened to that again at something like 1.8x speed, mainnly whilst doing house work though the week. I first listened Every Tool’s during the pandemic in 2020, and I wanted to listen to it again now I’m in a new headspace. A lot of great value in this book.

I’m also re-reading Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta. The book is so full of useful wisdom. On the second closer reading I think there’s even more usefulness to be found in there than the first time around.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

Lingua Ignota – Sinner Get Ready

Sinner Get Ready came out last August. I was still sick / recovering from Detla and wasn’t in the right headspace to listen to the album. I knew it was going to need my full attention.

A long walk along the Thames after dark in sub zero temperatures this week, provided the oppertunity.

I’m Speechless. Caligula was a triumph, but Sinner Get Ready is something else.

Such an incredible album. Thematically concerned with judgement, and despair. Hayter’s complicated relationship with Christianity and its themes, signs and symbols shine though on this record. They power is evident, what one does when one is aware of their power is make an album like this I think.

I WHO BEND THE TALL GRASSES is one of the most remarkable things I’ve heard, perhaps…ever. The raw honesty in performance and orchestration is like touching a live wire. You can’t help but flinch/pull away/have chills.

Next time in town I’m going to pick it up at the record shop.

I saw Lingua Ignota live back in 2019 at Unsound and it was one of the best one person shows I’ve ever seen. No Uk dates yet for touring Sinner Get Ready. When they are announced. I’ll be down the front.

Remember Kids:

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