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I’m still reeling at the whole Aphantasia realisation. I’ve spent the whole week asking everyone about what they see in their minds eye.


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I’m honestly still reeling at the whole Aphantasia realisation. I’ve basically spent the whole week randomly asking everyone I’ve spoken too about what they see in their minds eye’s. LOL.

My Dad has it, which makes loads of sense to me. My brother can see things in his minds eye but he has no internal auditory processes. He’s never had a song stuck in his head, nor can he imagine other peoples voices (which I can).

The only person I’ve encountered with aphantasia outside of my immediate family so far is Dougald Hine. During our catch up we spoke a little bit about how weird it is and how people are all just so uniquely bizarre. He suggested some day that I write up a little chap book of spiral exercises that work ‘for me’. As it might be useful for other people. maybe!

I think I’m going to be asking people to imagine a ball on a table now whenever I meet them from now on!

We went up to north London for dinner at my cousins house on Friday night, it was super nice to see his wife and new little baby. It turns out they both can visualise balls on tables too. We had a lovely time, food was delicious. We were home just after midnight. Evenings out in your late 30’s are so very rock and roll LOL.

Photo 365


We got some new ‘basics’ around the house this week, new set of dinnerware, new pillows and stuff. We are still deciding on new cutlery and cereal bowls but its cool to have some new / nice things around the house!

Permanently Moved

(Experience Pt3)

I just found out that most of you can just shut your eyes and see a pyramid any time you want? What the hell?!

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • End to end outline written for a 90min talk done. It’s going to take me days to make all the slides
  • Worked on a bit of stuff for a zine
  • Learnt about shaders in Unity
  • Bunch ‘o calls
  • Filling up my social calendar with meetups/dinners/drinks with folks
  • Exciting emails

Dipping the Stacks

Can Science Fiction Wake Us Up to Our Climate Reality? | The New Yorker

Kim Stanley Robinson’s novels envision the dire problems of the futureβ€”but also their solutions.

What a sideway map of the Mediterranean reveals – Amro Ali

What RΓ©thoré’s artwork also does is furnish a metaphysical canopy to Gianluca Solera’s idea of transnational Mediterranean citizenship and breathes life into the dying political imagination.

Deep Weaving: indigenous Earth wisdom, mythology, and cosmology | by Daniel Christian Wahl | Medium

Weaving is inter-generational, making deep ties visible between generations alive today and their far distant ancestors. Weaving is inter-species, reconnecting us to what makes us truly human

What Is Art For?

Every human society displays some form of behavior that can be called β€œart,” and in most societies other than our own the arts play an integral part in social life. 

Starbucks Is a Bank that Sells Coffee

Starbucks sells coffee. But you can also think of Starbucks as a bank β€” and an unregulated one at that. As part of their rewards program, millions of Starbucks customers have preloaded money onto Starbucks cards, essentially loaning the company more than $1 billion at 0% interest.


I finished re-reading Adam Savage’s Every Tool’s a Hammer, I finished reading the 40k Warhammer chrome novel Grim Repast (I think I’m going to read my way though the three short story collections next).

As I type this I just put down Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World by Tyson Yunkaporta with about 10% remaining.

I picked Post Truth by Evan Davis back up again. I started reading it over Christmas, but was annoyed by its tone. Still annoying.

Music Spotify Playlist

GY!BE – All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling

Like everyone else this week, I gave the mythical/lost/infamous 1994 GY!BE demo tape a spin.

It noisy shoegaze in places. It has singing on it! Ultimately it sounds like it was a band finding their feet in ’94. But its very clear which parts of the material they liked and went on to develop and explore to produce F# AND which parts of the early Godspeed vision found their way into Silver Mt. Zion.

I’ve only listened to the album all the way though once tbh.

Burial – Antidawn EP

Well. This is Burials longest release since Untrue. Not a 3rd album apparently but an ‘EP’.

Antidawn is a meandering soundscape, a collage of alienation and sonic story telling. I was listening to the EP the other night walking around the neighbourhood. After 2 years of being stuck in side, and all the emotional ups and downs hit home during the course of this record.

I think its rhythmic light touch allows it to float above the day to day. With one exception, there’s barely a pulse anywhere to be found during the 44min running time. Will be listening to this again this year for sure.

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