Easter Chalk

A late Easter is always lovely. It can be, if you’re lucky a little like late August weather.

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As I said in the pod yesterday I’m back down on the chalk. A late Easter is always lovely. It can be, if you’re lucky a little like late August weather.

I’ve been away from my laptop since Wednesday evening. Mostly been enjoying sitting in the garden and being out and about. In the absence of having anything to say – here’s some photos.

Photo 365


Permanently Moved

Travelling Gadgetman

Coming home on the train I felt a bit like a β€˜travelling gadgetman’. A condition that has crept up on me in the last decade.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Been working on a zine. More info next week.
  • Written a bit more of ‘Mother of All Chains’ – mostly notes
  • I’ve been writing a blog post called DAO’s Moving Castle (mentioned the other week)
    • I think I might have to break it up in to separate posts. Simulation of ‘game space’ section has got really long.
  • Calls with cool cats
  • Confirming my upcoming Teaching commitments

Dipping the Stacks

Opinion | We Aren’t Just Watching the Decline of the Oscars. We’re Watching the End of the Movies. – The New York Times

My favored theory is that the Oscars are declining because the movies they were made to showcase have been slowly disappearing.

On Notes to a Future Self: How Journaling Helps Me Write

I save a line or a section into a note on my computer. I’m assembling layers of reference, my records compounding year over year, events from my past now taking on a sheen of dramatic irony. 

Hybrid workplaces for offices aren’t working.

It’s not just needless commutes that are aggravating people. It’s also the sense that companies are forcing people back into old waysβ€”ways that come with not-insignificant inconvenienceβ€”without any real justification for it. 

The Millennial Aesthetic Comes for Your Vacuum Cleaner | The New Yorker

β€œIt’s a meditation on dust and how to clean,” Joseph Guerra, the designer behind the new company Airsign, says.

The Internet Changed My Life | Pointers Gone Wild

I’m not sure how old I was exactly, but not that long after I got internet access, I decided to do some online searches about mental illness. I found a webpage that described the symptoms my mom had.


I’ve been reading James’ Ways of Being. It’s exactly the book I thought he’d write back when it was announced. It’s a really important book for ‘right now’. Part of the pivot, the attempt to move western ways of thinking way from its anthropocentric concerns and moves ‘intelligence’ out into the living cosmos. Its existence makes me far more confident in some of the unpublished crazy man things I’ve written but not published.
More thoughts once I’ve read more of the book.

James was on Rune soup this week talking to Gordon about the book. Fantastic discussion. I hope they speak again some time.

I’ve just got to MUD’s in Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-Playing Games. It’s full of really interesting (and surprising) information if you are a RPG nerd, and interested in historical computing.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

Oso Oso – sore thumb

A quick search says I haven’t mentioned Long Island Emo Band Oso Oso on the blog before. I really enjoyed their 2019 album basking in the glow. It was an extremely competent mid wast emo album – more of the same place.

sore thumb however is a different beast. You need to get to the B-side of the album before you reach anything that is recognisably midwestern. sore thumb is weirder, more experimental. The first 5 tracks on the album are lo-fi. The sort of thing my mate Matt would have loved when I was growing up. There’s hints of Cake, Sebadoh, dare I say Neutral Milk Hotel and Pedro The Lion throughout this record. Really recommend it.

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