Tipping It Down

I played a gig today under a tiny gazebo that wasn’t exactly the most comprehensive of shelters.

I played a gig with Forest Bed at the Surbiton Village Fete today.

It was absolutely TIPPING it down. The tiny gazebo we were under on the stage wasn’t exactly the most comprehensive of shelters. Both our lap steel guitarist, and drummer got soaked by water running off the tarp.

At least the weather matched the bands vibe tbh.

Our next gig is on the 23rd of June at The Lamb, Surbiton.

Stole this photo off eve

I went up to Camden to see Pine Grove at the Roundhouse with the boys last night. I haven’t been to Camden in years. I was totally shocked by the extreme gentrification. There’s a box park like street food market, theres a huge street food market and new development by the lock/canal. The stables seems to be mostly street food now too. Not a bootleg Nirvana t-shirt or piece of hippy tat to be found. Shocked.

The gig was good.

Another Michael opened the show. I’d never head them before, but they were really good. Indie rock and roll. They had some fun lyrics and themes and put on a really good show. Their bassist had a sort of 70’s german footballer looking going on which was also super strong.

SOAK went on next. It’s a big ask, to stand by oneself on stage at the roundhouse and sing to a room full of people waiting to see the next act. But she smashed it. I can’t say I was the biggest fan, its was all a bit 6 music for me. But I stood and watched attentively. Because thats what you are supposed to do at shows.

Pinegrove went on about 9.30 and played right up to the very last second of their 11 o’clock curfuw. They played all the tracks of 11:11 thougout the set, and all the hits too.

They were *really* tight. Such a good live band. They do that midwest indie/emo/Americana thing so so well.

I was super knackered by the time I got home tho, plus the gig today I’m going to get an early night.

Photo 365


Post Normal

New Zine, Post Normal Fiction, A Brief History of Modernity, and our need to explore what’s beyond or after it.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • I’m currently a ‘special lecturer’ at Camberwell College of Arts, on the Computational Art MA. I’ve been working on my two guest lectures and sorting out my diary to do the site visits, final performance, and crit.
  • Gonna post about 3k words on the web2/3 Alms Race soon.
  • I sat down this week and added about 2k words to the document I’ve been writing about mediation for 7 years. Re-wrote the introduction and smoothed out some of historical Jay’s idiosyncratic writing style.
  • Posted all the zines to paid subscribers.
  • Some great calls, couple of press interviews to boot too.

Dipping the Stacks

A Surprise Cave Finding Has Once Again Upended Our Story of Humans Leaving Africa

Last year, a genetic analysis of bone fragments representing our earliest known presence in Europe raised a few questions over the steps modern humans took to conquer every corner of the modern world.

The Classless Society in Motion – A New Theory of Communist Economy

We offer a return to a vision of a communist society based upon the abolition of wage labour, a position fundamental to the Marxists and Anarchists of the First International.

How to Overcome Instant Gratification [Actionable Guide] – Durmonski.com

The key is to keep your mind focused on the grand goal, even when there are small distractions. On the thing that you want to achieve and don’t let the small occasional whims derail you.

The Technium: 103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

Today is my birthday. I turn 70. I’ve learned a few things so far that might be helpful to others. For the past few years, I’ve jotted down bits of unsolicited advice each year and much to my surprise I have more to add this year. So here is my birthday gift to you all: 103 bits of wisdom I wish I had known when I was young.

The Collateral Damage of Queen Elizabeth’s Glorious Reign | The New Yorker

The portrait of Elizabeth II that emerges from Brown’s book is of someone acutely aware of her multiple roles: as the ceremonial head of state, an empty mirror for the nation to gaze upon itself; as the C.E.O. of a rich, dysfunctional celebrity dynasty


I finished the 40k audiobook Throne Of Light. Another entry in to the Dawn of Fire series which is shaping up to be an epic chunk of 40k lore. The table top game is about 100 years ahead of the narrative, (and there are books set even further into the future than that). It’s really interesting the way GW decided to push the narrative forward – one more minute to midnight – and then took two steps back to fill in all the details. Proto-Permissive IP. So much to learn from this franchise.

I’m still reading The Chip: How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution. It’s very well written and clips along. Been smashing though 7-8% f the book on my kindle every night.

I started reading The Lantern Men by by Elly Griffiths. Book 12 in a police/detective series I’ve never ever heard of. But a friend said it is ‘Norfolk Folk Horror’ and suggested I might like it, so I’m reading it.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

The new Ethel Cain album ‘Preachers Daughter’ came out this week. It’s fucking incredible. I want to listen to it a couple more times before write about it. (Previously on the blog)

Cate Le Bon – Pompeii

Art Pop legend Cate Le Bon’s newest album Pompeii is extremely fun. I saw her live about 10/11 years ago in the early 00’s and she was fantastic live

As always Le Bons song writing is wonderful. Difficult to place. “In the remake of my life, I moved in straight lines” she sings in the opening lines of Remembering Me.

Running Away is another great song, a sort of patchwork of catchy musical ideas that when woven together cause things to sound askew.

If you are a Bowie fan particularly late 70’s early 80’s period (think Low era) and haven’t ever heard of Cate Le Bon – You’ll love her out the gate.

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