We managed to avoid the *worst* of the ongoing EasyJet madness this week. But we didn’t escape it completely.

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We managed to avoid the *worst* of the ongoing EasyJet madness this week. But we didn’t escape it completely. 4hours late arriving in to Crete, and nearly 4 hours late getting back to the flat at 5am on the return leg this morning.

Apart from all that … our holiday was… amazing. This was the resort at night. Crazy place.

Just what I, Eve, and the other couple we went with needed. I basically switched off when we arrived, and set about my busy holiday schedule: Buffet, Beers, Swimming, Reading, Drinking, Sea Swimming, Buffets, Negronis, and Sleeping. Some days the order changed but that was basically my whole deal.

This was my view each day after lunch when we moved down from the pool to the beach.

I basically sat here, ordered Aperol Spritz’s and read my book, and cooked. Super nice.

The break was very welcome for a number of reasons.

But mainly it imposed a deadline on me to wrap a whole bunch of zombie things up. All the projects and ideas that had been knocking about for too long are now finished, or have clear deadlines and endings.

Now I’m back and recharged. In a state of mind which allows me to think about the rest of this year.

I’m down for the rest of 2022. Lots of personal work to do, if a bit light on paid work as the summer kicks in. Instead of fucking about, and procrastinating I am going to power though on a big project that has a very clear output.

Photo 365


Permanently Moved

True Story
[Guest Episode]

Today’s episode is a true story. Recorded in a very noisy pub just after my mate started telling us about what happened to him once at work.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Operator offline. Recharging.

Dipping the Stacks

No More Letters of Recommendation!

This hyperstylized, dishonest genre is useless for everyone.

Strategist: Why the UK economy is one of the most vulnerable right now

There’s an economic idiosyncrasy in the U.K. that makes it “one of the most vulnerable countries in the world right now,” according to an investment strategist.

Business Wargames: Early Complex Text Games

What’s the first text game with a β€œtranscript” (back-and-forth natural language interaction between a human and computer)? The answer may surprise you, because back-and-forth interactions were not how early computers were designed to work.

We’re in a Loneliness Crisis: Another Reason to Get Off Our Phones – The New York Times

Digitization is changing our relationship with materiality β€” both the world of nature and of human relationships. We are trained through technology (and technology corporations) to spend more time on screens and less time noticing and interacting with this touchable, smellable, feelable world.

Talking with the Moon: Inside Apollo’s premodulation processor

The Apollo missions to the Moon required complex hardware to communicate between Earth and the spacecraft, sending radio signals over hundreds of thousands of miles. The premodulation processor was a key component of this system, combining voice, scientific data, TV, and telemetry for transmission to Earth.


Ok, so I may have been a bit optimistic as to how much I was going to read whilst I was away.

I finished The Chip: How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution.

I read My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World by Julian Dibbell. What an amazing book.
All the promises and pitfalls of the metaverse have been experienced and enacted already. We just need to look backward to step forwards.

I nearly finished Good Prose by Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd on the plane home – after starting it by the pool the morning we were leaving. They dimmed the cabin lights about 40mins in to our 4 hour flight and I wasn’t going to turn the book light on. This book is fantastic tho. Right up there with Anne Lamot’s Bird by Bird. I recently re-read Kidder’s Soul of a New Machine, and when I found out he had written a book about writing with his editor of 40years I bought it on ebay straight away.

I also re-started The Elusive Shift by Jon Peterson.A book about D&D, and how role playing games forged their identity.

I smashed out about 40% of the audio book of Daemon by Daniel Suarez. Really really good so far.

Music Spotify Playlist

The only thing I’ve done this week is listen to the preliminary mixes of my bands 4 track EP. They are sounding so so great. Really proud of the music we’re making together. Just two sets of backing vocals, some egg shaker, and final production pass and mastering left to go!

Next gig is 23rd June at the Lamb in Surbiton! KT6.

Relatedly: If anyone who reads my blog works with woodcut/linocut as part of their art practice please reach out!

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