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I wrote a whole thing about everything being terrible. Here’s a handful of weird musicians I follow on youtube instead.

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I wrote a whole thing about everything being terrible this morning. Then I remembered I’m not the sort of person who posts negative shit on the internet anymore.

Here’s a handful of weird musicians I follow on youtube instead.

Beat Rita

Beat Rita plays the spoons. She’s very good.

First came across her as I was searching for washboard ties.


Electronicos Fantasticos! is the project of artist and musician Ei Wada. The band build instruments out of weird electronic junk.

Todays video is a room fan:

Here’s them jamming with a desk fan, CRT monitors turned into guitars and a weird barcode instrument.

Ok Housecat

OK Housecat makes all sorts of circuit bent weird things

Here’s ELMOFX and a game boy

This 3D printed spring reverb unit he made is very cool.


Look Mum No Computer got the organ up and running (sort of) in his museum

Xtra Spice Mikey

XSM makes dnb, jungle and hardcore on his Amiga, and livestreams regularly

Amiga Samplers

Chase XSM with this 30min video on amiga samplers/trackers.

Acid Arab – Gul l’Abi (feat. A-WA) 

Bonus check out this incredible music video πŸ‘€

Photo 365


Permanently Moved

Navigation Styles

A world has to allow players to change their play style as they learn more about themselves in the context of the world.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Got several 1000 words of writing done
  • Had 2 hour dialogue/call with Reza Negarestani and Mat Dryhurst as part of Impossible I/0’s ‘Conversations on AI’ series.

Dipping the Stacks

Reputation in Web3: Ships Built on the Great Flood β€” Dark Star

Is this what we mean when we refer to Web3? Will it replace the set of principles, technologies and behaviors that we’ve come to know as Web2? (Is this even the way that phases of the Internet works?)

Enchanted β€” Working With Lore P2 Discursive Landscapes

Lore unlocks the potential of distributed teams, but putting it to work is difficult. This eight part series dives into how distributed teams use lore to establish an ongoing aesthetic and narrative framework

Spotify’s acquisition of AI voice platform Sonantic will lead to more machine-narrated audiobooks

β€œWe’re really excited about the potential to bring Sonantic’s AI Voice technology onto the Spotify platform and create new experiences for our users,” says Ziad Sultan, Spotify’s Vice President of Personalization.

New York’s hipster wars – New Statesman

Why the city’s clash of cultures between progressive Brooklyn and transgressive Manhattan marks a new era in American politics.

SR-71 Pilot trolls bragging F-18 Pilot | Blog

“It all had lasted for just moments, but in that short, memorable sprint across the southwest, the Navy had been flamed, all mortal airplanes on freq were forced to bow before the King of Speed”


I finished listening to The Last Ditch. Book 7 in the Ciaphas Cain series. Its one of the most ridiculous Cain stories so far. everything is turned up to 11. The book opens with him getting into extreme peril and it just keeps turning the dial from there. Some great/funny moments in this book. Also glad that stephen perring thee narrator made the local planetary accent south African – A nice touch.

I burnt though all of Freedom TM. The follow up book to Daniel Suarez’s 2006 Daemon. It might be even better than the first book!! Wowowow I think taken together as a pair, the Daemon series is right up there in my top 5 cyberpunk books of all time. fantastic premise, he nailed our present/the near future over a decade ago. Really good book. Pairs well with Accelerando.

Started reading Permutation City by Greg Egan this morning. A 1994 sci-book that ‘explores many concepts, including quantum ontology, through various philosophical aspects of artificial life and simulated reality’. It was recommended to me by one of the DiscworldMUD devs in an e-mail exchange – looking forward to reading it.

Music Spotify Playlist

Perfect Light – 40 Watt Sun

A friend recommended 40 Watt Sun to me after I played him my bands EP. I’m so glad he did!

Perfect Light is a quiet and tender album. Written and recorded during the pandemic, the album has a real sense of melancholy mixed with rays of sunshine.

Dramatic chord changes seem to be one the main tools in the songwriters bag tricks. It happens at least once a song, not complaining Love it.

40 Watt Sun are apparently London based. According to posts online they fell out of the Doom metal scene of the 00’s.

I’d love to play a gig with ’em.

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