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Website issues persist. Apologies.


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Website issues persist. Apologies to everyone subscribed via email who received a half finished blogpost, full of notes and half finished thoughts this week. A fuck up that occurred outside of my control.

Things are slowly changing, unfolding, blooming here at jaymo industries. I am slowly learning some important life lessons about ‘The Harvest’ – Matthew 9:37. It’s a strange time.

I’m going back down to the chalk next week for my Dads 70th (!) birthday. crazy. I’m looking forward to being about. The only thing I have on deck next week is finishing my New Centre talk for the first tutorial and making episode 200 (!) of Permanently Moved.

Photo 365

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Permanently Moved

New Cultural Technologies

The invention of ML tools is as significant as the printing press. These technologies will underpin the creative practice & economy of the 21st Century

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Working on my new centre talk
  • Wrote a few more words in the metaverse book
  • Worked on a couple of other bits of writing
  • Commenced a new creative project

Dipping the Stacks

What Culture Shock Taught Me About Sci-Fi and Fantasy Storytelling β€Ή Literary Hub

Processing and adjusting to culture shock is a form of listening, of learning to parse cues until the dissonance fades into the background and new information can be understood and incorporated into one’s view of the world.

Research Suggests That Software Piracy Lowers Poverty * TorrentFreak

A new academic study adds an interesting angle by suggesting that software piracy might lower poverty. While this is a plausible conclusion, there could actually be more factors at play.

UX principles for AI art tools like DALLΒ·E | by Hannah Johnston | UX Collective

An effort to spark discussion of how we might set a course for better AI art interactions. First and foremost, this article is intended for those implementing image generation systems.

An Elaborately Designed Book on Weaving Opens to Reveal a Fully Functional Loom | Colossal

The clever design is fully functional and able to produce tiny tapestries based on the patterns and practices described, making the book an immersive and accessible manual. 

a very special edition – by Keely – wavelength

We’ve talked about trends as constellations β€” made up of different behaviors, values, and cultural anomalies that indicate a meaningful shift is on the horizon; that a coherent story is emerging.


I have both Proving Ground: The Untold Story of the Six Women Who Programmed the World’s First Modern Computer by Kathy Kleiman, and Mathew Ball’s Metaverse book on deck, but haven’t made much headway with either text.

In need of a creative pep talk, I re-read War of Art by Steven Pressfield for the second time this year, and maybe the fifth(?) time since the pandemic began? Such a good book.

Music Spotify Playlist

Been back on punk BS recently, partly because its summer, but also because everything is broken or breaking around me.

I’ve been listening to loads of Wet Leg’s album, The Ramones (specifically the 2016 Remasters), the Viagra Boys’ new album this week I’ve added Petrol Girls new LP to the heavy rotation list.

Petrol Girls – Baby

I’ve been trying all week to remember where I saw Petrol Girls play live – fucking years ago. They had some 7″s out I remember but I don’t think Talk Of Violence was out – though my friend Ben really liked that record, I didn’t spend much time with it. A fact I regret, I could have been listening to Petrol Girls this whole time!

Baby is a HUGE album. In every way. The guitars on this album sound MASSIVE. So well produced. Meanwhile the feminist lyrics are absolutely uncompromising in their tone and political position. The album is nicely structured too, with mid temp songs bumping up against tracks with more angular riffs thoughout.

Clowns is an amazing song.

The lyrics are so cutting “Why did you come here to night? Got the feeling shits not right?” and then later “Keep that smile upon your face, Let the bastards run the place” Some comments on centrists and cancel culture and even a keep calm carry on reference are all on this song.

Baby I Had An Abortion seems to be the lead single thats blowing up from this LP for good reason.

Whose life are you pro?
Whose do you want to control?
Heaven forbid my rights
Heaven forgive what I decide
Shame, shame, shame

Fucking A so good.

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