Panning Process

A while back I wrote a post about how I use my RSS reader. This morning I thought I would document what came out the ‘panning process’.

7 minutes

A while back I wrote a post about how I use my RSS reader. I.E how to β€˜pan the streams’.

This morning I thought I would document what came out the panning process. It took about 8mins to basically press J on my keyboard in Feedly and burn though about 200 unread items in my feed.

Last year I said the process looked a bit like this:

I look at the headline and the opening lines etc of the post. If it looks interesting I’ll open the website in a tab for further reading. Out of the 20 or so blogs I β€˜read’ in Feedly above I think I opened 6 in a new tab. It’s a question of casting as wide net as you want, then progressively parsing the information that comes to you down to the 5 or 6 things you want to read. I think of a full Feedly inbox of (say) 200 unreads: I’ll read 5/6 posts from real people and then maybe 10 more posts?

I estimated last year that I was finding about 16ish things from 200 posts.

This morning after the same number of unread items I had just 9 tabs open:

So thats it. Probably all I’m going to look at on the internet until this afternoon, when I’ll run the whole process again.

I should also mention: If you are going to read one thing today. The read Huw Lemmey’s post about his trip to the sauna after we went our separate ways post watching the funeral together.

In the mean time here’s all the music I’m going to take a further look this month after browsing the release posts on Heavyblog this morning:

This is heavy as shit. The music video is incredible. Made in unreal engine?

Synth-phonic doom metal. Also the albums description reads as follows:

VOIDOATH’s Ascension Beyond Kokytus is a concept album rooted deep within the lore created by John W. Campbell Jr. with his science fiction novella “Who goes there? (Frozen Hell)”, as well as the 1982’s adaptation/remake “The Thing” by the master of horror John Carpenter.

Not quite sure about this from first impressions. When heavy fans make synthwave/hyperpop? This is the album I’m most looking forward to listening to. Drums sound huge.

These guys seems to be blackend sludge metal. Vocal tone is amazing.

Drumming in this is nuts. And the slow motion visuals in the video? Great.

I’ll also note that Heavyblog named BLACKBRAID – BLACKBRAID I as ‘Best of the rest’ album for September 2022.

I posted it to Tumblr back on the 2nd of September. Judging by all the Reblogs it got, the heavy community agrees that its a fantastic album! Kinda please to have been early on the hype.

There’s only 2 or 3 people in my close friends who if I say ‘Have you heard the new X single/ablum yet’ they will say – yes. One of whom is the singer in my band.

When talking about new music in the pub the other week, other friends asked us how we listen/find so much new music. Both of us basically said the same thing. We follow blogs/newsletters that curate music in genres we enjoy and then we listen to what they recommend.

It’s not that hard. You just have to care about/find joy finding new artists and musicians in an age of Spotify playlist recommendations. Which I’ll note, are usually 2/3 weeks behind the scene blogs.

Anyway. Thats been my morning.

What are you all listening too? Whats good in your world?

Permanently Moved

Mickey in the Metaverse

As a symbol of the copyright regime of the 20thC.
A permissive Mickey in the metaverse seems like an interesting experiment to try.

Photo 365

261 / 365

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Recorded a interview for the new show
  • Really enjoyed my session as part of Incredible Machines 2022
    • Established that a Hybrid Environment is driving aruond using google maps
    • Hybrid reality is when you drive your car into a lake because google maps told you to.
    • Looking forward to the paper Ross and I will write for the book
  • Huge amount of digital house cleaning. Processing files on my desktop and sorting out my google drive
  • Had a bit of an email spat with a conference I was supposed to be speaking at
  • Commissioning works for Ignota books members area
  • Editing

Dipping the Stacks

Very Personal Computing: In Artist’s New Work, A.I. Meets Fatherhood – The New York Times

Ian Cheng brings his latest piece to the Shed, a narrative animation powered by a video game engine and partly inspired by his daughter.

Among the Reality Entrepreneurs | The Point Magazine

backed by Peter Thiel and Andreessen Horowitz, and it has a hardcore group of people, who seem to possess a lot of intelligence and a lot of Adderall, working to build it.

Art without the artist | Cultural Development Consulting

Perhaps, simply, the old industrial model of active producer and passive consumer will no longer hold good for art. And, like a game of tennis, art will involve both initiator and participants in a relationship that does not privilege the instigator over the other creative players but focuses on the nature and outcome of the process.

New law helps U.S. firm launch Wyoming direct air carbon capture project | Reuters

A Los Angeles-based company kicked off on Thursday what it said will be the first large-scale direct air capture (DAC) project to capture and store 5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year by 2030, benefiting from new U.S. government incentives.

Imposed Insanity – Royalty, Propaganda And The Coming Catastrophe – Media Lens

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September was a salient reminder that β€˜our’ propaganda system is a vital cog in the British social machine that upholds elite privilege and domination over the majority of the population.


I finished reading Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull. A fantastic book on managing creative organisations intertwined with the Pixar story. Its founding under George Lucas, rescue by Steve Jobs, The Toy Story story, troubles with Disney, the acquisition etc. All the corporate advice given as lessons from these events is really good. Worth reading!

I read the 40k short story Mad Dok by Nate Crowley in one evening the other night. I really cool companion pice to his Ghazghkull Thraka novel.

I’m about 30% of the way though How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live: Learning the Alexander Technique by Missy Vineyard which I started ages ago but suddenly found it necessary/compelled to pick back up.

Music Spotify Playlist

Princess Ketamine​’​s Nighttime Tales – Princess Ketamine

Don’t know much about this really, it came up in my recommendations. This album is a vocal focused hyperpop album with collaborations all over the place with people i’ve never heard off.

The single ‘Spell’ currently has just 25 plays on Youtube so it seems like we’re all probably in the same boat. The musician describes their work on Bandcamp as ‘staccato plucks, sparkles, and kick drums’



Weeds (15 views on youtube) is probably the most catchy track on the album. Despite their being no decernable chorus, the metre of the vocals is the same throughout and the whole song rolls forward verse after verse like a piston.

It’s cool. I’m glad I cam across this weird little bit of the hyperpop community.

Also, on a whim this week I listened to Gary Newmans Warriors album for the first time in *years*. So good.

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