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From this week I’m adding a new section to my weeknotes. I want to highlight work friends who’ve posted to the web outside of social media

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The Internet is beginning to feel … alive again?

Long dormant Tumblrs have sprung back into life now reblogging stuff with abandon. I’ve must have added 5/6 new newsletters to my rss feed in the last week alone. Old blogs are tapping the mic posting ‘Is this thing on‘ and new blogs sprouting like mushrooms.

All by people who have stated publicly that they wish to finally leave Twitter. Even if 10% of them are still around doing their non twitter thing in 6 months, something good will have come out of the last few weeks turmoil.

If you want to start a blog or a newsletter, now is probably the time to do it, whilst people are open and receptive to hitting subscribe on new endeavours.

If you are new around here and considering it, check out these two recent posts of mine:

10 Tips For Creating Online

10 Tips for Leaving Twitter

If you have been around here for a while, please consider becoming a paid supporter I’ll send you my zine.

One theme that runs though both of my 10 tips posts is ‘don’t think or talk about it – just do it.’ It’s really not a big deal. A couple of people messaged me to ask if they could steal/use some of the section titles from my weeknotes to put in their blogs/newsletters etc. Go for it. I didn’t invent weeknotes, fill your boots.

It is fun to see how mine have evolved over the years. The second blogpost I published after I started blogging regularly here in 2018 is (more or less) the same format as it is today. Sub-headings have come and gone of course. Remember when I blogged my animal crossing island every week for like … a whole year? LOL.

From this week moving forward, I’m adding a new heading to my weeknotes called: Terminal Access.

I want to use this new section to highlight things friends, acquaintances, etc have posted to the web outside of social media etc. Yes the ‘Dipping the Stackssection seems to be a popular link dump section – but taking the time to speak about what others are doing, writing, making is really important to the way the social web (not social media) works.

It is also me trying to practice what I preach:

6. Be Generous

The behaviour we should all model on the web and in our lives is generosity.

Link to your own writing and link liberally to others.

Permanently Moved

Metaverse: As Good a Word as Any

In the twilight age of Web 2, Metaverse is as good a word as any for people who wish to re-imagine the future of the internet

Photo 365


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Prepping for part 2 of my New Centre Course on DAOs
  • Lots of writing for NanoWriMo
  • Working on my Metaverse talk – deadline looming 😬
  • My Band’s EP went of for mastering
  • Long consulting call with a cool project building open source blender tools
  • Wasting my life annoyed about other people wasting their lives on social media apparently

Terminal Access

For the inaugural Terminal Access, I’d like to highlight this recent interblog/newsletter discussion between buddies Andrew Dana Hudson and Paul Graham Raven.

ADH was recently interviewed by Long Now Foundation talking about his recent climate futures book Our Shared Storm. PGR picked up on a quote from Andrew in the interview and used it as a spring board to talk about (for want of a better word) his technoscepticism around carbon capture and storage technologies. Paul also referenced a previous newsletter from ADH on ‘Omelian Thinking’.

ADH followed up with a newsletter response deepening his position and thinking around CCS technologies and the ‘sort of project’ that they are used for – separate from the task of tackling global warming (TLDR: ADH thinks they will be used for climate repair not climate transition).

The whole exchange is very cordial. Full of great thinking, context and thoughtful commentary. Well worth your time exploring.

Dipping the Stacks

Watchmen author Alan Moore: β€˜I’m definitely done with comics’ | Alan Moore | The Guardian

[He] now looks with dismay on the way the superhero genre in which he once worked has eaten the culture. β€œHundreds of thousands of adults [are] lining up to see characters and situations that had been created to entertain the 12-year-old boys – and it was always boys – of 50 years ago.

Why Are Kids So Sad?

The scholarship on long-term developments in cohort mental health suggest it’s not individual disasters that matter but rather enduring social changes. America has become an increasingly difficult place to be a happy child, and it’s well past time to start treating that as an urgent political problem.

Managing Gen Z is like working with people from a β€˜different country’ | Fortune

Gen Z are not fundamentally different human beings. They have grown up in a different country and culture.

The Oral History of β€˜The Sims’, the World’s Most Enduring Game – VICE

All they do is eat and shit! How many times do I have to kill this game before it will die?!’” This is what one senior executive at video company EA Games apparently snapped in the late 90s, according to art director Charles London, after yet another underwhelming demonstration of The Sims.

What Do Native Artists Think of Michael Heizer’s New Land Art Work?

Characterizations of the artist’s newest work, and that of other White land artists of his generation, sometimes ignore questions of place and locality that are central to Indigenous thinking.


I’m reading Stephen Kings On Writing. I can see why this book is so famous and influential. It’s a very good read. I wanted to read the newest anniversary edition, but the only edition available on kindle is the original for some baffling reason. One day I may see the a anniversary paper back in a second hand bookshop and i’ll pick it up.

I’ve been listening to The Killing Ground by Graham McNeill. The 4th book in the Uriel Ventris 40k series. I’m about 30% of the way in and its .. not good. I have a high tolerance for baffling Warhammer plot decisions but this book seems like it could have been a novella.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

The Livelong Day – Lankum

The singer in my band was talking about Lankum at practice on Tuesday and I checked out their album when I was running around doing errands on Wendesday morning.

Lankum to me sound like the very best of Irish contemporary folk. Creating huge soundscapes around tight melodies and fantastic songwriting. They really are totally way out there.

After one top to tail listen, my two favourite songs on the album are:

The Young People

A song about coming across a suicide. Quite upbeat, but you really can’t escape the lyrics for a moment. I love the singers voices.

The Pride Of Petravore

The classic sea chanty re-worked into an apocalyptic wall of noise. Absolutely fantastic

They are playing at the barbican soon. Might go see ’em.

Remember Kids:

Elon buys Twitter
Me still processing the loss of Google Reader

knife attack meme
Pretty Much

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