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It’s your website. You can choose to write as much or as little as you want in a blog post.


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It’s your website.

You can choose to write as much or as little as you want in a blog post.

Permanently Moved

Goncharov’s New Dabloons

It’s not the truth of a cultural object that matters. But the collective truth that arises from consensus of interpretation.

Photo 365


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • I finished Nanowrimo on Wednesday 23rd. I still have to finish the personal writing project I’m working on, but I realise that I’m a completely different person to the one that did Nanowrimo back in 2013
  • Finished up a whole bunch stuff for a client. Glad it’s over. I need to learn to say ‘no more changes’ better/more
  • I worked some more on my metaverse talk
  • Got interviewed by a university media history MA students thesis

Terminal Access

For Vittles, Huw Lemmey wrote a long read on The History of the Culinary Selfie a wonderful essay on Calvinism, Foodstagram Aesthetics and .. Death.

Edward Rathke’s Palaeolithic Era/Speculative Fiction/ Deep Fantasy novel Glossolalia: or don’t scream it on the mountain is out now. You can read the first 12 (v.short) chapters here.

Kei Kreutler has launched a substack to house some of her writing that needs a home. Exciting.

Dipping the Stacks

Introducing Generally Intelligent – generally intelligent

Avalon is the first reinforcement learning benchmark of its kind that allows agents to learn from complex, procedurally-generated 3D worlds. Within them, a single agent must learn to solve the types of problems that, in an evolutionary sense, led to the emergence of our species’ unique cognitive abilities.

Mitch Horowitz on making time for what you do best – The Creative Independent

Author and Historian Mitch Horowitz discusses what can be accomplished with concentration, finding what you can do without distraction, and getting better through practice.

Web3 allows companies to look more like economies, like mini-nations – Rest of World

Web3 allows for the construction of projects and companies that can be viewed as economies, rather than businesses in the traditional sense

Inside the BBC reckoning over its UK economy coverage – New Statesman

Among some economists there was a perception that the 2008 financial crash led to the BBC and other outlets giving a disproportionate platform to the idea that cuts were necessary for economic recovery.

How to Build A Winning Paid Membership Program | Andreessen Horowitz

Current membership models in the U.S β€” like with Twitter Blue or Snapchat+ β€” use the basic formula of pay X dollars, get Y features in return. Chinese membership models expand this with gamification


Still reading Non Violent Communication A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg. I’m reading few pages a night before bed. The thing about this book is that almost every page has some perl of wisdom in it that needs absorbing and understanding. So good. The book is way way better than a one day workshop thats for sure. Even if the workshop provides practical experience.

I’m listening to another 40k book. Low stakes pulp. Love it. LOL. I’m reading the next book (#5) in the Uriel Ventris series by Graham McNeill: Courage and Honour. You may remember 2 weeks ago I said book 4 was a bit of a waste of time. A novella that had been stretched too thin. This book is better, but its age (published 2009) actually shows more than earlier books in the series. The Ventris series has a bit of ‘Saturday morning cartoon show’ vibes. There’s not much grimdark. well. Compared to the level of grim other series are producing in the 2020’s.

Music Spotify Playlist

JYOCHO – Let’s Promise to Be Happy

Anyone thats followed this blog for a while will know I’m an emo kid at heart. Nor am I opposed to a bit of Prog//Pop or Math//Rock.

JYOCHO deliver all this and more. Let’s Promise to Be Happy is a great album. I’ve listened to it twice and now i’m listening to JYOCHO’s back catalogue.

The track Gather the Lights is so full of insane technical guitar it makes my head spin. Check out it LIVE below:

Now here’s the thing, I posted a Polyphia song the other week… In my opinion JYOCHO are 1millionxtimes better than Polyphia’s indulgent technical wank.

All the same is a huge track melodies sore over polyrythmic drums and yet manages to stay catchy as hell. The whole album ebbs and flows though ‘mood’ which is a really interesting thing, which i’m going to take and talk to my band about.

Anyways. move over Forests, JYOCHO are new fav math rock band.

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