How to Watch Youtube Faster Than 2x Playback Speed

It has been a deep ongoing frustration of mine that Youtube’s video player caps out at 2x playback speed. Here’s how to go faster

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It has been a deep ongoing frustration of mine that Youtube’s video player caps out at 2x playback speed.

I’ll recognise upfront that for many of you reading even 1.5x playback speed is ridiculous and 2x is insane. Wanting to go any faster is real psychopath territory I know. But I’m an infovore, I can’t help it. My attitude towards all online content can be summarised as ‘Just give me the fucking information’. This is sort of why I have a podcast that’s only 5mins long and I try for one new idea per sentence. Information density matters to me.

I recently discovered how to push the Youtube player past its 2x speed UX cap and it’s totally changed my life. Being able to burn though a 3 hour software tutorial, or a lecture in a little over an hour brings me an immense amount lot of joy.

If you aren’t a coward and just wanna go fast, here is how the brave watch Youtube:

Step 1.

On any Youtube video page press CTRL + SHIFT + J or COMMAND + OPTION + C.

This will open the browser’s developer tools.

Step 2.

Click ‘console’ and copy and paste the following javascript:

document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate = x 

Where x = equals your desired playback speed

Eg: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, or mad max 3x speed.


x = speed is valid to number of decimal places. You can fine tune to playback speed for taste: Eg something like 2.12345 speed.

Step 3.

Close the console

Step 4.

Learn Kung-Fu

Permanently Moved

Dial M for Metaverse

Both Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks & Phone Tree Menu Systems are progeny of the explosion of creativity that happened after D&D arrived

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The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Podcast Editing
  • Deck Building
  • Noodled some more on
  • Worked on my master ‘The Web Was a Side Quest‘ deck
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  • A constant stream of small things that need addressing. Such is life.

Terminal Access

Simon De La Rouviere wrote some nice words in his newsletter about my recent Artist’s Garden episode I made the other week.

Freethink made a short film / documentary about Mat and Holly’s AI work.

Dipping the Stacks


Juice is the non-essential visual, audio & haptic effects that enhance the player’s experience. For example, the delightful chimes sound that plays when Mario collects a mushroom. The 1UP text that appears is essential. Communicating the player gained an extra life. The sound is the Juice. Non essential but serves a purpose:

Sugar Pill Nation – Nautilus

The combination of expectation and conditioning could not only help us maximize the placebo effect, it could also reframe our understanding of what a placebo is: It’s not just an external intervention, but something that happens within us. β€œPeople really like that,” Gaab said. β€œThey have this sense of: It was me.”

Why Britain Stinks – The Atlantic

After 13 exhausting years of austerity followed by Brexit chaos followed by COVID misery, the Conservatives are at serious risk of getting kicked out.

Chess is booming among teens. Here’s why – Polygon

Chess’s new growth is opening doors for the game β€” you can be a low-level chess player and still be entertaining to watch. Maybe that’s why you’re entertaining.

When Someone Is Having a Panic Attack

Stay calm. β€œAs a support person, you need to find your own stillness, so that the other person’s fear can find a resting point,”


I said to my self the other week when I posted that long list of books I had on the go that I wouldn’t start any new books. I failed.

I’m reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. I think it’s a better book than Deep Work, as its more practical. I’m only 40% of the way in, but it’s good! I’ve already taken some of the points on board.

I suspect the pace of my book reading might plummet for a bit now the new Zelda is out. LOL

Music Spotify Playlist

*1 – RαΊ―n CαΊ‘p ĐuΓ΄i

This week I’ve mostly still been exploring late 70’s early 80’s electornic jazz pop. But took a break from that after my mate told me about Vietnamese experimental noise collective RαΊ―n CαΊ‘p ĐuΓ΄i’s new album *1

It’s an absolutely riot of sonic wall of sound, glitched out drums, guitar distortion and electronica. The peak of the album comes midway though side B with the track Pressure:

Fans of 65 Days of Static etc will love album this thats for sure.

They recently played a live set with 3 drummers for Boiler Room in Ho Chi Minh City. What I don’t get is why bands like this aren’t featured in Boiler Room shows in Europe etc. It would be so much better for all our creative lives in general.

Remember Kids:

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