That’s Right

Time just seems to be slipping out from under me whilst I feel like I’m slowing down. I can’t belive it’s nearly September, christ.

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Time just seems to be slipping out from under me whilst I feel like I’m slowing down. I can’t belive it’s nearly September, christ.

Lots yet to fill the year with though.


The next big date in the calendar is THIS THURSDAY – 24th AUG in SURBITON, SOUTH WEST LONDON

That’s right.

My band is finally putting out our EP. It’s been a long time coming. But its all good.

If you are a fan of Americana, slow and sad, or cosmic country come to the show!

Also, Matt on the right there in his Levis shirt trying to look ‘well hard‘ in the photo was my housemate at university. Known the guy for 20 years. He just turned 39!

Alternatively follow us in either/all of the following places – it’ll help with the algorithm:

For now tho, here’s the title track from the PLACEHOLDER EP.

I’m extremely proud of this record.

Really looking forward to the show, and also going back in the studio in mid/late November to record a double A side of some of our newer songs. Nice.

Permanently Moved

I think much of contemporary AI and Internet criticism fits into three categories, two of which are based on short stories by Luis Borges.

Full Show Notes:

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Photo 365

147/365 Photo-a-day

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Updated to V1.2 It’s now up to 18.9K words o_O
    • Added a Glossary
    • Added ‘Co-Play‘ podcast script
  • Posted the first post in the rapid realms series. 2 more in my drafts
  • Spent an evening making some vertical videos for my bands EP launch
  • Started the design and layout of a piece of design fiction I’m working on with Rafa.
  • Two trips to London ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ

Terminal Access

I enjoyed listening to Tobias Revell on the Comuzi podcast this week.
“Chat GPT is just the Bebo of social networks”

Dipping the Stacks

Monopoly maker exec imagines a future where board games sport โ€œAI-driven game mechanicsโ€

Xplored is the name behind Teburu, a platform that intertwines cutting-edge digital technology with the latest trends in tabletop gaming. Bearing the unfortunate โ€œphygitalโ€ moniker, board games such as The Bad Karmas and Sword & Sorcery are signing bold checks to players by promising social features, MMO-esque connected worlds and, as mentioned in an interview with Dicebreaker, AI-driven opponent behaviors.

How Rick Rubin Lost 130 Pounds – Men’s Journal

Rick Rubin’s undulating face hair is just as famous as his body of work. In homage to the yogis he read about as a boy on Long Island, Rubin hasn’t shaved since he was 23. It’s long been his registered trademark.

Playing with Nature: On โ€œTears of the Kingdomโ€ as Ecofiction

Ecofiction is all about reframing our ideas of story to look critically at our relationship with the environment. Both Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom tell stories using their worlds, yet, more importantly, they treat the dynamic relationship between the player and the worldโ€”exploration, survival mechanics, emergent gameplay within a virtual natureโ€”as a meaningful story in itself.

I’m never going to trust your news organization

I’ll speak for myself here but as an individual person, I have zero interest in a “relationship” with entities.

Are fans becoming too entitled? | Dazed

Whether itโ€™s Bridgers breaking up with her boyfriend or Ortega smoking a cigarette, some fans seem to take it incredibly personally when a celebrity fails to meet their standards โ€“ itโ€™s more like theyโ€™ve been betrayed by a close friend than disappointed by a public figure.


I *just* finished reading the Warhammer Crime anthology The Vorbis Conspiracy before I sat down to write my weeknotes. I love love how all the short stories revolve around the same event/plot point. The Anthology is such a fantastic container.


Someone Becomes No One by Ryan Shelkett

Quite by chance I came across this 2022 album by Ryan Shelkett. Sheklett was the singer in 90’s emo titans Cross My Heart, founding member of Blank + Dead Red Sea, and later front man of Liars Academy. Before being tour guitarist for almost … everyone .. in the deep elm/midwest emo stable scene.

Someone Becomes No One was released last year and is Sheklett’s first solo work. The album is an extremely mature work. ‘Americana’ if I was going to pin a genre on it, but that does it a disservice. there’s a few tracks here and there that sound extremely Sheklett. The riff patterns couldn’t have been written by anyone else.

Damage is my fav track

Remember Kids:

Best meme I’ve seen in ages

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