It’s lovely weather here in London. I hope everyone in the UK is having a nice bank holiday Monday.


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It’s lovely weather here in London. I hope everyone in the UK is having a nice bank holiday Monday.

We are going on holiday on Friday so this week is dedicated to closing down open commitments and catching up on things I didn’t do last week when I was under the weather. When we get back its straight into full speed mode with talks that need to be written and writing that needs getting done. I’ll also be available for work and commissioned writing if anyone would like to get in touch.

My actual holiday though, I’m looking forward to turning my brain off as much as possible and just, sitting in the sun and swimming.

Whilst it’s not exactly thrilling blog content, after 5 years and lots (!) of use for work travel etc we finally replaced our old luggage. We went for everyones favourite lifestyle/influencer brand du jour – AWAY.

These things are built more like … kitchen ware(?) than luggage. By that i mean tupperware or something. Everything has a really nice tolerance and quality feel vs the cheap wheelly luggage that we got from Matalan many years ago. These things come with a life time warranty too, and cracks, splits, bent wheels will basically be replaced or sorted out by AWAY. Which to me sort of justifies the purchase.

We didn’t also purchase the AWAY packing cube system, but I’m planning on getting some cheap / Amazon basics ones this week. I’m interested to see what their quality is like as I’ve seen people online using Amazon basics packing cubes for deep cupboard storage of sewing stuff, stationary etc. We’ll see.

Anyways, this is all to say that there’ll be no weeknotes from me next week.

After I hit post on this, we’re walking down the thames to our local river cafe and I think we’re going to by vegan oatly soft-serve ice creams:


The Model is the Message

In other news the essay anthology based on the New Centre’s Incredible Machines conference that I spoke at last year is now up for pre-order on the &&& site. It contains the essay I wrote with Ross McElwain ‘Hybrid Realities‘. Its about world models. I’ll do a post about it once it’s out i’m sure.

Permanently Moved

The game is over and we’ve all lost. We now have a fractured mediascape with smaller audiences and limited opportunities for growth. 

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Photo 365

photo-a-day 139/365

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • More updates to essay collection. It’s up to 19.8k words now. 19 essays and 2 interviews.
  • Record release week
  • Drew a line under some stuff thats been hanging about before holiday next week.
  • Did another edit pass for rhythm on an interview.

Terminal Access

Author and Agitator podcast host Kelby Losack posted a great round up of Japanese Noise & Metal on his substack this week.

Also, his newest book God Is Wearing Black is now shipping:

A hallucinatory oral history of a dead viral rapper. A lovers’ stroll through the apocalypse. A trailer trash ghost story in the middle of a hurricane. Werewolves meet sharks and face tattoos become currency around the corner from where vengeful cartel members are reincarnated as feral dogs. GOD IS WEARING BLACK is a schizophrenic stroll through the gutter, a genre-bending collection of hoodrat noir penned by the author of MERCY and LETTING OUT THE DEVILS.

Dipping the Stacks

Realms of the Haunting The Digital Antiquarian

If it succeeded on at least one of its three levels β€” whether as a shooter, a puzzle-driven adventure game, or a well-scripted interactive movie β€” I’d be more inclined to overlook such inconsistencies. As it is, though, it’s failing everywhere by the time you make it halfway through

An extended interview with Christopher Nolan, director of Oppenheimer – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

You’re normalizing killing tens of thousands of people. You’re creating moral equivalences, false equivalences with other types of conflict, et cetera, et cetera. So, you’re going down a lot of different roads toward a more accepting, normalizing of the danger.

The Age Of Mediocrity – Ed Zitron’s Where’s Your Ed At

I predict at least one company is going to experience a deeply embarrassing series of events caused by overreliance on AI

Being a Disciplined Person In an Undisciplined World –

From the outset, being a disciplined person means having the capacity to regulate yourself. The ability to summon willpower and resist temptations whenever you need, in order to conquer your goals. But there is so much more to that.

Federal maps said they weren’t in a flood zone. Then came the rain. | Grist

β€œThe flood maps are minimums. They are not a comprehensive understanding of all the flood hazards and flood risks,” said Luis Rodriguez, director of the agency’s engineering and modeling division. β€œWhere it can rain, it can flood.”


I’m still reading Spirit Possession and the Origins of ChristianityΒ by Stevan L. Davies. Been noodling though a few pages here and this week. I’ve been so busy and under the weather that I haven’t touched any other books.

I’ve bought John Romero’s Autobiography Doom Guy to take on holiday with me next week.


Fly-day Chinatown Β· Yasuha

Goodness. I feel down a DEEP 80s City Pop hole and I’ve only just come up for air. This 1981 single Fly-day Chinatown by Japanese pop megastar Yashua has been stuck in my head all week.

It makes me want to drive a red ford mustang convertible in the summer whilst wearing a Hawaiian shirt and mirror shades.

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