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The first two episodes of my new show Experience.Computer – an interview show about aphantasia, creativity, and the imagination are out now!

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J David Osborne Experience.Computer

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Longtime readers will know that in 2022 I found out I have Aphantasia – the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one’s mind – and I’m still coming to terms with it.

I have for nearly two years now, been asking lots of people lots of questions about their minds-eye, and how they experience both their inner lives and the world around them. Those questions and my sustained fascination with the topic became Experience.Computer once I started recording them.

Each episode I lead my guest though a series of imaginative exercises. This sensitises them to putting (quite abstract) parts of their inner world into words. Once open to this kind of self-examination, we then go on to discuss their creative life, where ideas come from, memories, art, and how they think about the tools they use to make their work with.

A lot of the topics I’ve written about on the blog over the years are the soil from which the questions that I’m asking my guests have grown from: how software makes you feel, navigating code spaces, cultivating machine touch, in the body and not the brain etc etc.

I am quite confident that you won’t have heard a interview show about creativity quite like this before – ever. I have some great conversations lined up.

Each episode is two people listening to one another – trying to come to some kind of understanding – which to mind makes for far more interesting radio that two people talking past one another as is so common on many other interview podcasts.

In aggregate, this show is about how we all are different from one another. It exposes how are all totally unique. The word neurodiversity doesn’t even begin to capture the extent of how different from one another we actually are.

I’m really happy to be launching this show and do hope that you might give it a go. It’s been a lot of work and is about as far away from Permanently Moved in form as you can get!

The first two episodes are live now and will drop monthly from January. Details of how and where to subscribe are below.

Experience.Computer is slow radio about high tech. An interview show about aphantasia, creativity, and the imagination

The show examines how people perceive the world, and how they work with the creative tools they use to make their work with

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