TABlog 1

How many tabs do you have open right now? What are they? And why do you have them open?

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Don’t have much to write about this week so I’ve decided to start a new semi regular thing: TABlog

How many tabs do you have open right now?

TABlog 1

Idea for TABlog is to semi-regularly list the open tabs I have open, and explain why. I haven’t read them yet, so I can’t comment on their content, but I figure we all have reasons for keeping tabs open and around.

Here’s the 3 questions:

How many tabs do you have open right now?
What are they?
And why do you have them open

I’m sure this isn’t a new idea, but I think its cool. I wanna know what Tabs you have open too. If you post one one of these on your own blog let me know in the comments or fire a webmention.

Excluding the tab I’m writing this post in I have 4 tabs open.

Which is actually a lot for me. Todays tabs are whats left over from the last few days of being on the web. Here’s whats on deck:

Designing Neural Media

I haven’t seen K IRL since just before the pandemic, so it’s been a long while. I’m looking forward to watching their talk on Neural Media. Sterling linked it on his new(ish) Art Maker blog the other day.

I listened to K’s discussion with the New Models crew a few weeks ago, and I’m interested to hear more/a deep dive in the presentation on their McLuhan-esq four phases of media: Broadcast, Immersive, Network and now Neural.

Models All The Way Down

Apparently this piece/essay has been online for a while, but it’s new to me and instantly knew I wanted to give it my full attention the moment I scrolled down. I love visual essays and obviously I’m interested in the topic. I’m a sucker for pages that look like this and really want to do something like this myself.

On Trust Infrastructure

Arnaud spoke at the Floating Worlds zine launch conference the other month. His Trust Infrastructure essay came up in conversation on Wednesday several times. I glanced over it when it came out, but didn’t give it my full attention. But since it seems to have influenced a lot of people, I’m going to read it to find out why.

How to think in writing

I skipped over this in my RSS reader when it came out on the 25th of April because .. TLDR. But I’ve seen it linked to twice this week on different Discords. I think its a long exploration of the argument ‘Writing helps you think more clearly’. Gonna have to read it to find out.

Permanently Moved

Going Deep

There’s a word we used to use in the 1980’s and 90’s to describe a user with such a deep understanding of a technological-system. A Wizard.

Tetris players have gone so deep, and become such powerful wizards, that they can avoid the end of the world. 

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Photo 365


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • More work on P2 of writing the impossible object essay
  • Recorded another episode of Experience.Computer for S2
  • Met with the boys from Tonk.GG
  • Joined a couple of group calls tail end of this week celebrating the launch of redstone and following the on-chain games news.
    • Laughed at a lot of DeFi farmers
  • Had a lot of conversations with people following up from last weeks podcast.

I’m open for work.

Terminal Access

MagLite Solitaire LED Upgrade

A few years ago Eve got me a MagLite Solitaire AAA torch for Christmas. I recently came across an LED conversion kit for it.

Friends and pals over at 0xSalon just published the script (and an in-line glossary of terms) of their theatrical project THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY. A play about Bitcoin and proof of work that premiered at click festival Denmark 2022:

Spanning the entire 21st century, we are guided by our narratorβ€”a time-travelling cowboyβ€”across multiple parallel timelines originating from present day events. Bitcoin mediates a game of chicken between capital, ecology and the humans who scramble to coordinate and respond to the crises it creates. Characters represent the principal stakeholders in the Bitcoin economy, and their emissaries. Faced with Earth’s quickening deterioration, Earth’s unwitting protagonists can adopt various strategies: acceleration of the quest for limitless energy, attempt to tame Bitcoin with regulation, conducting insurrectionary uprisings, or acquiescence to the new machine god. 

Wild to me that a Salon/Reading group can generate enough escape velocity to do something like this post pandemic. Why isn’t there anything like this in London?

To answer my own question: RENT AND LACK OF SPACE

Dipping the Stacks

DSM Disorders Disappear in Statistical Clustering of Psychiatric Symptoms

many classic DSM disorders do not emerge as identifiable syndromes in these analyses.

Age of Empires (or, How Microsoft Got in on Games) The Digital Antiquarian

The arrival of Age of Empires signaled a new era of interest and engagement with games by the most daunting single corporate power in the broader field of computing in general.

A Playable Documentary of the Best Game Designer You’ve Never Heard Of – CNET

Llamasoft: The Jeff Minter Story, a whole playable documentary-meets-game-archive created by Digital Eclipse

Weather forecasts have become much more accurate; we now need to make them available to everyone – Our World in Data

This gap is a problem. 60% of workers in low-income countries are employed in agriculture, arguably the most weather-dependent sector. Most are small-scale farmers, who are often extremely poor.

Here’s Why JalapeΓ±o Peppers Are Less Spicy Than Ever

If lobbying your grocery managers sounds like a futile effort, look at the changes that have rippled through the tomato industry as breeders re-embrace heirlooms.


I finished β€˜Voice of the whirlwindβ€˜ by Jon Williams. The 1987 follow up novel to the cyberpunk classic Hardwired. Like the first novel in the series, it holds up extremely well compared to other books of the era. I can only describe it as The Expanse+Altered Carbon+Hardwired. Must have blown the domes of people when it came out that’s for sure.

I finished Cal Newports β€˜Slow Productivity’. It was alright. Didn’t really wider issues is have with personal organisation. But did enjoy the Missions, Projects, Goals, Tasks taxonomy.

Still reading The New New Journalism: Conversations with America’s Best Nonfiction Writers on Their Craft by Robert Boynton. Its a bit of a slog, but i’m only reading one chapter a night so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

I smashed though the audio book of Kyle Chayka’s newest book Filterworld. It’s really good. A wide-ranging book looking at the effects the last 15 years of algorithmically mediated culture as shaped society and culture. I don’t think it contains anything ‘new’ to the sorts of people who read this blog, but its nice to have it all in one place and valuable book to point other people toward. I liked show the Chayka repeatedly returns to airspace and coffeeshop culture in every chapter.

The Doober – Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes

I’ve been listening to this collab album between Jazz saxophonist Gendel and Bassist Wilkes.

The whole album is absolutely amazing. The whole album has this wonky nostalgic vibe. Like you’re listening to jazz from the future sent back in time. I really don’t know how to describe it. Other than I like it. A lot.

Remember Kids:

They absorbed the costs of full employment during slack times on the theory that the investment in keeping a trained, loyal work force on the job would pay off when things turned up.

The Chip by T. R. Reid

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