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Green Lung

  • Stage or a Clock?

    Stage or a Clock?


    I touched on productivity anxiety during my podcast this week. It’s something that’s been bothering me a lot this year, especially in the weeks before we went on holiday last month.

  • This Speaks for Itself

    This Speaks for Itself

    I had mentally prepared a whole rant about how we’re all doomed, DOOMED.

  • 5 Favourite Tracks of 2019 So Far

    5 Favourite Tracks of 2019 So Far


    I am beginning to hate twitter threads with a passion. My pinboard bookmarks are full of them and its a little confusing despite diligent tagging. Why can’t folks just have a blog? I always think to myself, scrolling though an epic 50 post thread on a super interesting topic. The question is rhetorical however as…

  • No Marxist Disco

    No Marxist Disco

    I also went to see Tim Ingold speak at the Monsoon [+ other] Grounds Symposium hosted at University of Westminster. He was speaking on ‘What is the ground’ and was extremely Ingold-ian. I loved it.