• Back from Bordersessions

    Back from Bordersessions


    I had barely recovered from last weeks unexplained lurgy and then headed off to the Netherlands once again to The Hague to give a talk – this time at bordersessions. Here’s my Trip Report:

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  • Catching Up

    Catching Up

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    “The names of blockchain firms make Californian companies look humble – Gnosis, Ether, Kraken, Stellar …. Ontology” –Β Ben Cerveny I missed a week last weeks blog entry. I thought it might feel like the weekly chain had been broken and everything comes tumbling down. But it doesn’t so there’s that. The week before last was…

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  • Late Again

    Late Again


    To whom it may concern: It is springtime. – Kurt Vonnegut Narrative Yup. Late again because I was travelling/working. I really think I should probably double down on the schedule and stick to it regardless of what I’m doing. I didn’t even do the podcast last week. as I was on a plane and traveling…

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