• Internet Escape Velocity | 2402

    Internet Escape Velocity | 2402

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    You know how in the Persona games the main characters get sucked into the television? Internet Escape Velocity is the opposite.

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  • The bees have gone on strike…

    The bees have gone on strike…


    The workshop itself was a 3 hour LARP/Roleplay.

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  • Multispecies


    Multispecies Imaginaries Compass A kaleidoscopic compass of speculative multispecies imaginaries. The 4×4 compass’ faclitate β€œall options/possibilities at once” making them fascinating memetic objects. Each square contains multiple refrences to the literature in the Multispecies/More Than Human Field. Made with Dr Christoph Rupprecht, Senior Researcher at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Doshisha & Kyoto…

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  • Guild

    Guild Guild is a decentralised creative exchange, founded by artists, musicians and technologists in 2018. Check out the website for more details.

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  • Infra_spection


    In 2014 I Co-Curated the 2014-15 residency cycle atΒ The White Building, London. Thematic: #stacktivism is a term that attempts to give form to a critical conversation and line of enquiry around infrastructures and the relationship we have to them. As the digital divide and post‐internet discourses lose traction and diversify, artists and creative technologists are faced with…

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  • #Stacktivism


    #STACKTIVISM “We cannot have a conversation about something whilst it remains unseen” #Stacktivism is a term that attempts to give form to a critical conversation & line of enquiry around infrastructure & the relationship we have to it. Geert Lovink also uses the term Stacktivism to mean the same thing. He does not credit me…

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  • Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps [Icon Set]

    Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps [Icon Set]

    Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps (SCIM)Β is a Creative Commons licensed mapping and analysis tool for evaluating personal and social resilience. It is intended to be used for planning, and is simple enough to learn during a crisis to facilitate cooperation and effective response. Icons were either used from the noun project or made new for the…

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  • unMonastery


    A Social Clinic for the Future I have been an advisor to the unMonastery project since its inception at the β€œLiving on the Edge” confrence in June of 2012. Hosted by the Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning Division at the Council of Europe. The unMonastery is a social clinic for the future. It is…

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  • The Thought Menu

    The Thought Menu

    The Thought Menu The Thought Menu was a DIY nomadic talk series started in Summer 2012. The aim of The Thought Menu was to bring together people from diverse backgrounds who are willing to share their passions. The Thought Menu has a strong emphasis on engagement and participation.  The atmosphere is informal and the talks are…

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