Interactions with other human beings

I haven’t really talked about anything other than politics in the last few weeks.


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If you are reading this and haven’t seen me in a while OR are wondering why my RSS shat the bed yesterday – it is because you are still subscribed to my old blogs feed.

Please update your feed reader to and remove the old .wordpress account. Otherwise you will see my posts twice.

In all the interactions with other human beings (outside of my close friendship group) I haven’t really talked about anything other than politics in the last few weeks. PROJECT NOVA is going alright, but I am starting to feel overdone and overcooked on the whole subject. I have no idea how the political media do it.  The combination of media/politics and social media is a toxic one. No wonder whole brains are rotted out in our media classes. I imagine some of our better known journalists brains are in fact dried out walnut shells rattling around. 

Which reminds me, if you haven’t read Huw Lemmey’s short story John Humphrys’ Brain from back in August in his newsletter you probably should.

I literally haven’t been doing or thinking about anything else. I just looked at my google photos for the week and it’s full of photos from the PROJECT NOVA offices. Here’s a nice framed picture of Jeremy Corbyn they have.

jeremy corbyn framed photo

It’s that time of year when my mind is turning to next year, my plans and ambitions for it. I’m starting my Bullet Journal later today for 2020. I was thinking of making some content out of it, maybe a video.

I was also thinking/talking about this time last year yesterday evening with Eve:

β€œStill haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet which is beginning a slow burn stress. On top of that I’ve been ignoring thinking about going travelling so thats a secondary chapter of stress that I’m waiting to turn the page on.”

067 :: The odyssey – it’s long

I’d fallen into a massive depressive relapse this time last year, was smoking a lot after vaping for over half a year. It was a dark dark month. I was stressed about so many things that I forget about now. The anxiety about going traveling for 2 months was building up and quite debilitating. But it was totally fine the moment we actually went away. Awful. 

This year I have already done SOME Christmas shopping, but not quite as much as I’d like. That’s what Monday afternoon after a workshop I’m attending finishes and Tuesday morning before I head in to PROJECT NOVA.

Permanently Moved

December Points

Permanently Moved 1926 Cover


Listing some bits and bobs, and catching up on a few things as my brain is fried.

Blowing Filter Bubbles

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


Dipping the Stacks

Your Textbooks Are Wrong, This Is What Cells Actually Look Like – YouTube

This is a post about post-normcore | The Outline

New Atheism: An Autopsy – Arc Digital

Do Protocols need Product Management? – The Startup – Medium

The Ministry

I’m really behind on my emails due to the election. Blah

I broke this website the other day. All the Icon fonts aren’t loading so apologies for the weird looking quotes etc. I’m totally baffled as how to fix it. I accidentally deleted the font folder on ftp, and re-uploaded it to the same place/position. it loads the files according to GTmetrix inspector so they are present. they just aren’t showing up/loading. Totally baffled.

I think i already mentioned that I’m working on a long essay that I’m going to post to this site probably over the xmas holidays.


Ravanor book cover

I’m halfway though the first book in the Ravenor trilogy by Dan Abnett. He’s one of the best sci-fi writers around and Games Workshop are super lucky to have him as one of their high profile/headline authors.

I really can’t recommend him enough as a writer. Start with the Eisenhorn books, then the Ciaphas Cain series. They are all series that stand apart form the normal Space Marine craziness that makes up most of the fiction in the Warhammer 40k world.


Spotify released their wrap up for the year. What a bunch of nonsense their marketing copy included.

Genre-Fluid Graph from spotify
I listen to a lot of pop.

Seeing as I only suffered to get on Spotify in 2015 here’s what it had to say about my decade.

music that defined me this decade
Enya was my artist of the decade

Blugh. Do you think all platforms could sustain this level of chatty engagement with their users all year round? I doubt it. It’s absolutely awful. Kind of makes me want to delete my account. I miss the old music blog web.

This weeks recommended track is:
Croatian Amor & Varg 2tm : Body of Carbon. Absolute Club Banger, exactly what folks probably thought 2020 would sound like in the 90’s.

Remember Kids:

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