I Probably Need A Stamp Card

I was joking with the endoscopist as she saw me before, back in 2019 that they should have a stamp card program for regulars.

4 minutes

I’ve had week that has been *full*.

Today alone, I’ve been in and out of hospital for a visit to the endoscopy department. This now makes me 4/4 in the last 4 years.

As I continually tell myself, this is just life when you have an incurable illness. I was joking with the endoscopist as she saw me before back in 2019 that they should have a stamp card program for regulars.

The good news is that everything is in fact is all good. So my brain can STFU in the dark at 3am.

I’ll be waiting 6-8 weeks for the results of a few biopsies they took. The results work on a no news is good news basis.

But I have nothing to worry about according to the nice lady.

Earlier in the week I went to Hoxton to see / catch up with some friends at their new office. They are still in the same building, but have now moved downstairs to a bigger unit.

The place really does give me prison vibes tho. Dunno how happy I’d be if I worked there every day.

I also had an eye appointment and ended up spending an arm AND a leg on two new pairs of glasses. I had several important zoom calls, went to the art shop, had a PCR test on Thursday which meant I had to self isolate until the appointment this morning.

Lastly I was on a panel at Ars Technica on Friday morning. Having my face projected into Swizerland onto a 15ft screen is a life goal I didn’t realise I had until I saw this photo:

Permanently Moved

Power Fandom

With Web3 enabled Permissive IP frameworks, Power Fandoms will own, produce and share the value created by their worlds. They are coming soon

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • I was cited in this journal article about Contemporary Political Theory and infrastructure politics. Makes me realise ‘thoughts I was having in 2012/3 are still important’.
  • Ars Technica panel was on Friday. It went well, I think. Video will be online in a couple of months.
  • Went into London for the first time for a meeting with the dudes/my mates at Yaya.co
  • Emails.
  • So many Emails.

Dipping the Stacks

The New Science of Clocks Prompts Questions About the Nature of Time | Quanta Magazine

β€œIt occurred to us that actually a clock is a thermal machine,” 

The Incredible Life of Beverly Glenn-Copeland: Canadian Music’s Unsung Hero | Exclaim!

Beverly Glenn-Copeland has been patiently waiting for his audience to arrive. At age 76, the music he made decades earlier has only recently been rediscovered by a new generation of listeners who cherish its messages of equality, equanimity, and ongoing change.

β€˜Donda’ is Kanye West’s Seventh-Best Album. It’s Also a Masterwork. – The Bulwark

Once again he is being attacked for presenting new ideas. Everyone’s finding something to hate about Donda, Kanye West’s critically panned tenth studio album, released last Sunday amid a stunt-filled extravaganza of head-fakes and delays.

The surprising reason why China is blocking South Korean music videos and TV – Vox

But even though Chinese citizens apparently love Korean culture, they have expressed support for the government’s tough stance against Korean businesses and culture.

Exploring Sci-Fi Games: A Q&A with Strangeland ‘s Mark Yohalem

We go in-depth with Mark Yohalem, writer on games including Primordia and Strangeland, about his fundamental views on science fiction and how games can help advance the genre.


Decided to re-read Dr Bastano’s ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’. I read it in early 2019 as a galley. We Aaron and I chatted about it during the election. I’m hopefully seeing him for a pint next week. Looking forward to catching up.

I finished the Javanese Shadow Puppets book.

Had a train journey so managed to work through some more of ‘Building Imaginary Worlds’. I know it’s a gripe; but the text size is really small, and the writing is very dense. One page is a slog. Academic books, man Β― \_(ツ)_/Β―


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

Karin Park – Church Of Imagination

I cam across Karin Park this week as she just released a collab EP called Alter with OG drone/noise artist Lustmord. Check out that EP as her vocals are *somthing else* on it.

I wanted to hear more so checked out last years album Church Of Imagination. It’s a great album. Blue Roses is definitely one of the hi-lights as is Empire Rising which sits nicely as Track 9, priming us for the final 3rd of the album.

Taken in aggregate across the whole album Karin Park has Bjork+Gary Newman vibes. Who doesn’t/couldn’t love that combination?

Remember Kids:

How useful is this!? Also, it looks like the tree of life lol.

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