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Back in 2018 the independent Film maker Michael Plescia released the short mini doc “How We Killed The Green Screen”

It shows how the development of his Indie Film The Mop Liberator lead to the creation of a technology that is allowing the filmmakers to photograph an imagined cyberpunk world in-camera without any post-production using an “ARwall”.

Essentially green screen is replaced by LED screens showing the background running a real time game engine. Perspective, lighting, depth etc all change and move with the camera using rear projection. It’s like actors are actually inside a matte painting. Rather than being superimposed on one in post.

I had a short DM conversation with Plescia back in 2018 saying congratulations. I thought at that it was the future of filmmaking. Mainly do to the way that it can be combined with sets to create something super special. Also I was thinking about the implications that it has for theatre sets etc too.

Today I just watched the same technology being used by ILM and Jon Favreau as part of the making of The Mandalorian.

Honestly I think we are going to see the price of sci-fi / sound stage plummet and open up so much creativity for indie film makers. love it. I think it’s really exciting. Hopefully it might cause a shift back towards the practical.

On a completely different subject I will be speaking at the Runesoup summer camp down in Cornwall in August 2020. Details are on the RSPM forums.

Permanently Moved

Warhammer 40,000


Space Marines are psychopathic lunatics who like to call each other brother a lot. 

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


I really enjoyed making this weeks episode. Not just because its been on the list of things to do for 2 years (but that is partly it) but also because i’m really pleased with the content. I managed to cram so much information in to 5mins. Density is one of the things I’m learning about making this podcast. It makes me wonder if the 100 or so of pages of Land As Platform could actually be condensed down to a 30page crack your head open chapbook.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Still loving Notion.So (click the link to sign up with my code. You get $10 credit. I get $5). The project I’m working on is now expanding and the notion workspace is starting to fill up with some really great research content. Discovering features all the time. Basically if you think you should be able to do it then you most likely can.

I went to work out of a friends office on Tuesday in Hoxton. I’ll be there most weeks moving forward I think. The building is on the site of the old London Hackspace.

Prison or office ?

What is really nice is that there is no co working space. All the little 2/4/8 team companies have their own office with a door and balcony. On the downside it looks and feels like a prison.

I continue to have my mind blow by =QUERY in google sheets and have actually gone back in and updated a few clients sheets. One was over the moon as I’ve saved him an hour a week in fiddling around with csv files. I didn’t bother charging as I think its important to just go back and fix your poor workmanship even if you learn new skills.

Dipping the Stacks

Why You Hate Contemporary Architecture | Current Affairs

How Platform Capitalism Devalued the Music Industry

A guide to British business etiquette

Here’s the Scope: YouTuber PhilipSoloTV is Bringing a Wholesome Twist to Campy Reviews | DRUNK IN A GRAVEYARD


I read Olympias: Mother of Alexander the Great (Women of the Ancient World) this week. Honestly its fantastic. What a woman. It’s got to be on of the best stories ever told.. and its TRUE. Way better than GOT or some other HBO nonsense.
Elizabeth Carney gives deep and thoughtful look what we mean by ‘equality’ and what power looked like for women in Ancient Greece…. For context her husband Philip II of Macedon the most powerful king in Greece at the time was AFRAID of her.. and one of his other wives was a trained hand to hand combat assassin.


For some reason this week I’ve been obsessed with this 2012 remix / mash up of Rihanna vs M83 – Diamonds City. I don’t get all these pop song plagiarism lawsuits that are happening right now. I don’t think anyone involved actually understands what or how music works.

Remember Kids:

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