No More Sugar

I’m giving up refined sugar for Lent. I’m already regretting it.


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I went to Hoi Polloi at the ACE Hotel for breakfast on Tuesday. I actually chose to forgo the pancakes and went for french toast instead.

I’m giving up refined sugar for Lent. I’m already regretting it. Way harder than dry January. Yesterday was terrible, I was craving sugar all day.

French Toast At the ACE hotel
Farewell my sweet toast

So this week I enjoyed watching Colin Walker, and Bix go back and forth on the isle of blogging, in response to VGR’s Text Renaissance piece. Warren has also started a new blog chain on the same subject called ‘Broadcasting House’.

Warren calls RSS the radio set for blogs. the other posts dig into (and link to other discussions) around indie web / blog islands and the utility of RSS in 2020. It’s really interesting that these convos are going on right now. Not a week goes by where friends are rebooting old blogs, or starting new ones.
Monetised newsletters of course, continue to spring up like weeds. If everyone expects me to subscribe to their paid content these days I might need to put my foot down and say I’m not going to buy them a beer. lol.

Both Colin Walker and Bix are both on I believe. A lovely little service, that I keep recommending to folks. Self hosting this blog is a pain in the ass.

I’m thinking of making a new category on the blog for quick posting without titles or header images etc. I’ll use it PGR style and leave Instagram.

Art review wrote about the “Everyday Witchcraft” event I went to a few weeks ago. Ignota sent them my photo from the event to use in the article.

Permanently Moved

Role For A Thought Leadership Check


Seeing Like A State, Video Games, Neoliberalism, and how DnD influenced Computational Late Capitalism.


1933: Organisational Memory

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


This episode was a bit of a stretch to make. As I mention in the opening it’s a half backed idea I have. The bit at the end cracked me up making it.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Still loving Notion.So (click the link to sign up with my code. You get $10 credit. I get $5). I made a Business Model Canvas in it the other day. Need to tweak it a bit, then might publish it on the public templates list.

Notion Business model canvas

I worked out of ‘The Boys” prison office again on Tuesday afternoon. It was blowing a Hooley and raining all afternoon but I took this photo from their office window and we watched the sun set whilst one of them was talking about what its like to live in a house with a wifi enabled kettle.

Sunset London Feb 2020
My Favourite London

Dipping the Stacks

Who Is “Miss Anthropocene”? Grimes and the Apocalypse – Popdust

Was a bit of a surprise to see popdust referencing Dark Mountain in a review of Grimes.

I just want the world to know about us

Opinion: Science fiction and the unforeseeable future: In the 2020s, let’s imagine better things – The Globe and Mail

The Economics of 24/7 Lo-Fi Hip-Hop YouTube Livestreams – Hot Pod News


I tore through Wrath of the Omnissiah by Gav Thorpe this week, and them moved on to reading Mc Mindfulness by Ronald Purser. I’m only 3 chapters in so far, but ITS REALLY GOOD.


Things have been very nordic in the old ear holes this week. Wardruna have a new song out. Yggdrasil was a fav album when it came out a few years back.

Its very… well… check it out.

Remember Kids:

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