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This week was Ignota Books Live, Trouble with the Book Police, and an iTunes top 50 placement.

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The week kicked off with a trip up in Shoreditch to see Mr Vickers and Christina Oakley Harrington of Tredwell’s Books in conversation as part of Ignota Books‘ new #Ignotahosts series. It was good to see Sarah (the other Ignota co-founder) too as she’s been away for a bit.

Ben Vickers and Christina Oakley Harrington
Christiana + Mr Vickers

It was an interesting discussion. Largely around daily practice and finding the others etc. The audience was mixed. By my eye quite a few new wave witches attending. A question about banishing/clearing and white sage came up. Christina’s reply about it being an American/internet thing and you are in the UK you are better off using mugwort or hawthorn was a great reply. That comment seemed to strike the person I was sitting next to like a revelation.
The discussion also used the phrase “Pre-Internet European Magic”. Which I think I’m going to start using a lot. We all went for dinner afterwards and I had a nice time.


The week continued with a extremely weird day on the Feeds sparked by this article and a tweet from its author saying “Is it ever OK to write in books? Some books? All books? In pen or pencil? What about underlining? Book lovers have Opinions (but mostly agree: “nevernevernever” dog-ear”

Even though I’ve worked in bookshops I had never realised just how many self appointed Book Police existed. I Dog-Ear all my books. Literally all of them – since I was went to university. I have 17 years of bookshelf that is bookmarked with the following system:

Top Folds - Internal Bookmarks
Top Folds – Internal Bookmarks

The top corner of a book folded means a book mark that is useful or important inside the book. An important point, or chapter etc. It could also mean a bookmark to a good quote that I might want to come back to.

I have one of the memories where I know the thing i’m looking for is about 2/3rds of the way though on a right hand page. I don’t particularly have a very good memory for other things, but when I go looking for an important point in a book its almost a spacial memory. The book is like a landscape to be (re)navigated. The pages folded up at the top are carins or way markers to help navigate it.

Bottom Folds - Hyperlink Bookmarks
Bottom Folds – Hyperlinks

I also have a second set of way markers, folding the bottom corners of the book. These markers are for when a book references something else i’ve read or something else i’m interested in. Back at uni this would mean when a book I was reading on continental philosophy references Aristotle or a pre-socratic thinker. The bottom page would get folded to indicate some kind of hyperlink to another text I’ve read.

17 years later it still means the same ‘Hyperlink’ but obviously the things i’ve read, have an interest in or know about have grown. Books on ecology that reference decolonisation. Or Ethnobotany books that reference a poem I know. all these sorts of things would get a bottom page fold.

Anyways screw the Book Police. Its my book I can do anything I want with it, its my book! If YOU lent me a book however, I wouldn’t even crack the spine.
As always, Huw Lemmey has written something thoughtful on related subject. This newsletter talks about the moving notes and annotations he found in a Spanish Encyclopedia of gays and lesbians.

I started watching GOOP LAB on Netflix last night. Its really good. No really. I highly recommend it. All the reviews I’ve read seem to be missing the woods for the trees IMO. Full review coming soon.

Lastly a big thank you to everyone thats read and shared my bullet journal post I really appreciate it. Thinking of making some more video content.

Permanently Moved

Landscapes Like Mixtapes

Permanently Moved Podcast Cover 2003


Come with me, I made you a sunrise. Watch.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


I really enjoyed making this episode. Ranting about Walkmans, Mixtapes and VR. It wasn’t quite what I imagined in my head when I sat down to make it but it turned out alright.

In other Podcast News

For a brief time this week Permanently Moved was in the iTunes top 50 chart for Personal Journals in the UK.

Permanently Moved Itunes Top 50 Chart Placement

Considering that Desert Island Discs is on the top spot I’m really really happy about it. I never thought of this back in 2018 when I started.
Thanks to everyone thats listening to me prattle on every week.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Those two emails I talked about giving me anxiety last week? I still haven’t sent them πŸ™

Got a cool project i’m about to start working on beginning Feb. If its successful might define the direction of my life for the next 5 years at least.

Dipping the Stacks

Dance videos from L.A. influencers show how the industry is changing – Los Angeles Times

Cavemen Were Better at Depicting Quadruped Walking than Modern Artists: Erroneous Walking Illustrations in the Fine Arts from Prehistory to Today

Our memory comes from an ancient virus, neuroscientists say

Tool manufacturer Fiskars releases debut streetwear collection


In an effort to begin my crime/noir reading this year I started off with a book called ‘The Hard Detective’. A story about Detective Chief Inspector Harriet Martens and her ‘Stop the Rot’ campaign. The book opens with the deaths of two of her officers.

The book was fucking terrible. This was the review I left on Goodreads I read this whole book in an afternoon. Its absolute garbage. Poorly characterised, inexplicable motivations. Plus the book opens with the MC berating a muslim character who is referred to as “the muslim girl”unnecessary.

So I think I’m going to stick to reading the best of the best/classics. Rather than reading this pro plod Islamophobic drivel.


The first signals for a new musical trend are in for 2020. New indie rock sounds just like the old indie rock.

Here’s Brit band More’s Single Sorry

And here’s US based Snarls debut single Marbles

One is more poppy than the other obviously. But I hear a thread, especially in terms of lyrical content and simple rock guitar style.

The Sorry track reminds me for some reason of: I (heart) Hiroshima’s 2006 classic ‘London In Love’

Remember Kids:

Flappy Bird Worker Freetime Meme

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