I Gotta Get Organised (Getting Visionary) | 2018


I gotta build a foundation from which to work.
Also Feat: Dougald Hine.


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I Gotta Get Organised (Getting Visionary)

Regular service returns after the first episode of 411 coming out on Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed it. 

I learned a lot making it. Most of what I learned is related to what not to do in future. Both in terms of executing on a vision, and also what I should do in future workflow wise etc. 

I also learnt a hard personal lesson. One that I already knew intuitively. But there’s a big difference between knowing the content of a lesson and learning it the hard way. They are lessons earned as it were.

When you mess up you just have to accept the responsibility and take immediate action to rectify it in the best way you see possible asap. 

Anyways. Now that it’s out I feel a bit more confident in making other things aside from just this 5 mins show weekly which is nice. Onwards and outwards next. 

If you remember back to November last year, I released a show recorded at the seaside on the subject of depression. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made here on this show.

It’s episode 1934. I said back then that I was feeling a lot better. And now here in May I feel even better. It’s been strange tho. During this lockdown period I feel like I have shed the last of the black dog. Like shedding a weighted blanket, or the clearing of smoke in a room. Everything feels so much faster, more tolerable. 

This is of course kind of the opposite of what some friends are experiencing so the change in gear speeds has caused grinding here and there. It’s interesting to manage. I also fear that perhaps there has been a touch of mania in me creatively which is related to the lessons learned I talked about. 

I spoke 2 episodes ago about not needing any approval for doing things and also wrote on the blog recently about how I’ve been starting keeping timesheets recently not only for freelance work but also personal projects and stuff. It’s really helped me feel more optimistic and motivated. However, i think with this new found energy and steps towards tracking my life a bit better – I feel it’s time to get more organised. This usually for me comes in 2 to 2.5 year cycles. 

We have a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. I think I’m going to spend it sorting my life out LOL. I wrote a list in my notebook that I still need to add too. But there’s a bunch of things on it that are extreme levels of organisation. 

  • I’d like to nuke my macbook and have a fresh install. As to begin again with a clean slate.
  • I also need to sort out/organise my google drive
  • Unsubscribe from even more media on youtube and elsewhere.
  • Despite implementing it into two separate organisations I’d also like to sit down and finally build out my own personal notion.so instance.

I am a Notion power user, but only in the context of clients. In my own life my notion is just some rudimentary organisation and a timesheets database. So lots to do. 

I think I’ll review my google drive and update my Notion at the same time. Convert lots of the bits of writing and ideas I have into projects and set personal deadlines and block out time to work on them etc. 

It’s just a lot of work. For me self reflection usually happens on the meditation mat. This kind of self reflection is about real things. Bits of old effort that i have poured myself into and then abandoned. 

Anyways organising my creative life is a nice segway into visionary mode. As i’ll need to be more organised to get it done.

I said at the end of THIS IS IT . I’d changed my mind about what I wanted to do. Well thats kind of because one of the things that I had wrapped up in making that essay was the assumption that the universe would warp in such a way that it would tell me what I should be doing next. And that answer has come along.

I think I’m going to attempt a show that lots of snippets of conversations strung together with narration from me. Radio as it were. Visionary mode (I hope) will be an exploration of what those two words mean to other people. Then piecing bits together and following up on threads from the conversations that I have.

I already spoke with Dougald Hine earlier this week. Perhaps best known as the co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project. He currently runs β€˜a school called HOME’ (link in the show notes). They have an online course beginning 14th of may if you want to check it out. 

At one point in our sprawling conversation we got on to the subject of vision, being visionary and the grinding of lenses in the 17th century. 

The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in audio due to time constraints.

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