This weekend I’m embarking on the great laptop tidy of 2020.

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This weekend I’m embarking on the great laptop tidy of 2020.

I probably do this every 2.5 years or so. I bought my first laptop 2009 and thats just how the cycle has fallen. Whenever new RAM, or a new SSD was required. Or when I got the new (to me) 13″ laptop, after change of jobs etc.

I’ve found that it helps me mentally to wipe my install back to zero and start again every few years. A nice cycle.

I am for better or worse sucked into the Google ecosystem so almost everything I used day to day is stored in Gdrive. To the point where I have borrowed other folks spare laptops abroad and seen no drop/loss in productivity.

There’s no need or point to carting around old memories, old photos/memes and bits of software you haven’t uninstalled since the task you needed them for is completed. I just made a list of all the software I’d like to re-install hour one later this weekend and it came to 21 individual pieces. Three of them are productivity apps (Alfred, and Flux).

I’m really looking forward to the clean slate. There is something good about saying ‘fuck the past’ and then building out the next couple of years of how you want to organise your life digitally.
Everything’s backed up, so if I need it, I can get to it. Experience tells me however – I probably wont. But the main thing is that what happened before is in the past. The clock has ticked as it were, If anyone is interested I have good space weather for this.

In the past i’ve done this from a USB key. But I can’t find one big enough for some reason. I have no idea where my big 32gb one has gone so Im going to try using the macOS Recovery tool.

Lockdown Week 8

I was out in the garden reading the other day and Mr Fox came to say hello.

Mr Fox has been hanging around our flat for a number of years, he likes to sit on the chair outside out kitchen door in winter and charge up in the afternoon sun. We’ve seen each other a lot thought the window and the door.
This time however he jumped up on the wall from next door, did a double take but decided to stay. Fox just sat on the wall and we just looked at each other for about 3 or 4 minutes until they jumped down into our garden, walked right in front of me across the flagstones and jumped up and over the fence into the neighbours tumbledown shed.

Later he walked casually along the back wall and didn’t even acknowledge me.

Permanently Moved

I Gotta Get Organised (Getting Visionary)

Permanently Moved Podcast Cover Ep 2018


I gotta build a foundation from which to work.
Also Feat: Dougald Hine.


Episode 1934:
A School Called Home:

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

I put out THIS IS IT

Now I’m working on visionary mode. I have loads of interviews that I’d like to do and organise. But before then i need to get organised myself.

Dipping the Stacks

Opinion | The Future of Christianity Is Punk – The New York Times

It’s already getting too hot and humid in some places for humans to survive – The Verge

Rally Round the Flag – James Piers Taylor

XF Seminar Postmortem

Soundmap of London canals and minor rivers

Why Fandoms Are So Toxic – YouTube

Paris Has a Plan to Keep Cars Out After Lockdown – CityLab

The Fence, Issue 2, Conversations with Friends about Sally Rooney


I read Honourbound by Rachel Harrison (another 40k book) this week. It’s really good. Another commissar/human focused novel. Harrison writes fantastic gunfights. Short sentences that feel very cinematic.

The main character is the fairly typical one dimensional grimdark lead full of faith and fervor. But it’s the cast of characters around that bring the novel up to the next level.. A soldier struggling with Combat Stim addiction, friendships made and the importance of being kin. It’s really good.


Can see myself listening to this relentless ducky track a lot this summer. Imagine breakcore and Jpop.

Remember Kids:

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