First Night On The Island

My first night on the Island in Animal Crossing. I also continue with my Major Organise.

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Super happy with how the Animal Crossing Episode of 301 worked out this week.

Continuing on the same theme. I thought it might give you recap of all that happened when I finally started playing AC with my own character last week on Eve’s Island.

Eve has been playing since Launch Day (since day 1 of Lockdown basically). As I explained on Permanently Moved. Her Island is the total result of her taste and creativity. Then, after 100+ hours of effort – I moved in. TYPICAL behaviour, Eve does something nice and I reap the benefits and rewards.

My first act as a new island resident was to acquire a very cool wizards hat, steal Eve’s well from out side her house. I moved it to high on the hill where my tent is situated (For some reason Eve wouldn’t let me put my house next to her’s?). After that I caught and sold some bugs, harvested all the fruit on the island and sold that too. A hard days work to obtain scrip to start paying Tom Nook back my moving fees and called it a day.

As Resident Representative, as you can imagine, Eve was not too happy about me stealing her well, stealing all her fruit or moving a few other things on the island around. She played the game all afternoon and then told me to check in on the Island before we went to bed.

Excited to be back. I exited my Tent with my trusty ladder. To be treated to important signage celebrating my arrival on the Island, Eve and I were together at last!

Together At Last!

I snapped a quick selfie with the signs, excited to explore the island at night.

Such A Warm Welcome

I walked around for a bit, collecting shells on the beach by the light of the moon. Spoke to a few of the island residents, pulled out my axe and continued to explore. There’s nothing more satisfying than running around an island paradise in the dark holding an axe in a wizards hat.

The first curious thing I came across was this sign outside of the boys Tom and Timmy Nook’s shop.

I spent quite some time reading the sign and taking in all the details.

Important sign

After I was sure I understood the signs meaning I put it in my pocket and continued to walk around. I passed Louie’s house and entered the town square. Only to find another sign!


This sign was typographically stunning, a real celebration of my presence on the Island. After admiring its execution. It too went into my pocket and I headed up to Resident Services.

I was over the moon to find that the official flag of the island has my name on it! I had been made me feel truly welcome. πŸ™‚

After much laughing and chatting about plans for the morning I checked the photo album to find a photo. Eve too had been happy with her handy work in her new found profession as a sign writer.

Lockdown Week 9

Look at this picture of clouds at sunset the other night taken from out of our kitchen door. Just look at it!

Permanently Moved

Animal Crossing Is The Place For Taste


Animal Crossing, Aesthetics, Taste, Late Night Talkshows and Virtual Worlds.


Fortnite is a place
Picture Pluperfect
The Minimum Viable Metaverse
Animal Crossing Is Home To 2020’s Hottest Late-night Talk Show

Permanently moved is a personal podcast usually 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


You can read the transcript of this episode here.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Before I bang on about and organising my digital life in 2020.

I’d like to direct your attention to this book published by the Serpentine Gallery:

Future Art Ecosystems

Future Art Ecosystems is a pioneering holistic analysis of how artistic engagements with advanced technologies are irreversibly transforming the art world, designed as a strategic briefing for practitioners and organisations across art, science and technology. 

The briefing, produced by the Serpentine Galleries’ R&D Platform and Rival Strategy, is based on the Serpentine’s experience working with cutting edge art and technology projects, as well as ongoing conversations across broader networks as part of the Serpentine’s commitment to sector-convening around art and technology. Future Art Ecosystems charts new paths and horizons for the role that art can play in shaping technologies of the future.

This book is very very good. Rival Strategy and the Serpentine have produced a document that I think will influence the institutional art world for the next decade. You can read it online here. If you are in the art and/or tech world in genral this book is a MUST read.

A small disclaimer: I was involved in the review process and am thanked in the ‘Special Thanks’ section of the book.

Major Organise

I’ve had a pretty busy week. After I wiped my OS last week I moved on to organising my gdrive and populating notion. I’ve talked before about how GTD changed my life about a decade ago, but at some point when I was working as a program manager it collided with agile.

In my head and in some sense how I have always organised my Gdrive has always been projects ‘On Bench’ and projects ‘On Deck’. Bench is for projects I want to work on or have coming up and On Deck are for things I am working on. This also applies to freelance work etc. After organising my G drive and filed all the documents and stuff, moving a lot of unfinished things in to – I now have 5 states or project phases.

Ideas are just that. One line entry’s detailing the idea.
Bench Is where things I’d like to work on live
On Deck are things that are active
On Going things that are live but need maintenance
Archive all done dusted, online or delivered and filed away.

I’ve set my self a new rule: A Project will move from Idea to the Bench IF I’ve put effort into them within 14 days of them going on the list. If nothing has happened within the first 7 days (no research, writing, or links dropped into the Notion page. The idea will be culled removed. Today is my first review of the ideas list. I’ve also organised my creative life in to several categories. Screenshot below:

I’ve only spent a week with this new system so far. I’m looking forward to the brutal environment of the Ideas list. I’m now using my bullet journal to log the weeks objectives and managing them in Whilst Notion is new. It feels like a familiar system already.

I also cleaned the decks and finally Inboxed Zeroed my Gmail for the first time since 2005!

Super happy with how the big organise worked out. Onwards!

If you want to get use my link! I get credit and so do you.

Dipping the Stacks

Playing at the World: Dungeons & Dragons at a Distance: Early Play-by-Mail D&D

How Much Does the Local Economy Rely on Speeding Tickets and Fines?

Study the Holy Rule of St. Benedict – Benedictine Abbey of Christ in the Desert

The 1904 Olympic Marathon May Have Been the Strangest Ever | History | Smithsonian Magazine


Can’t WAIT to read this. If you don’t know who Bren Smith is. Watch this keynote and have your mind blown and be inspired.


I’ve been listening to my mate Jeremy’s cousin ‘Luxury Mollusc’ this week.

The track embedded below was described by the Irish metal Archive thusly:

β€˜Forgotten Mortice’ almost sounds like the lone foot-steps in a deserted industrial wasteland with the faint hum of machines being the only indication of anything remotely alive. It makes for a distinctly unsettling atmosphere. Dark and wretched vocals can be faintly heard in the background.

I’m into it. Really happy to have also discovered Cursed Monk Records too.

Remember Kids

Did I Already Post This?

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