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When Lockdown started I started writing. Writing about all the things that are important to me. And how I was thinking and feeling about the world. Some of what I’ve written since March has ended up here.


3 minutes

When the first UK lockdown began I started writing. Writing about all the things that are important to me. And how I was thinking and feeling about the world. Some of what I’ve written since March has ended up here.
We are where we are – as it were.


The full transcript of the essay is now online here


This 54min audio essay references a lot of touch points that are close to my heart at the moment: The Environment vs Nature, Dark Mountain, The Occult, Curses // Spells, Decolonialism, Narrative and Stories, Crohn’s Disease and my own mortality, The concept of The Run Out, Death, Capitalism, Anti-Consumerism and More.

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About 411

411 Permanently Moved is an occasional audio project released on the same feed as my regular weekly podcast 301 Permanently Moved.

Part 2: VISIONARY MODE will begin in the next couple of weeks. It may become a series, Not sure.

Eventually, a transcript of this series will be available as issue two of my zine here . You can head there now for Issue #1 – Your Attention Is Sovereign.

I’ve learnt A LOT in the 40 or so hours it took me to make this.
If I was going to start again from scratch the final product would not be anything like this.

I am however, enormously proud of myself and how this show turned out. I hope you like it, and find some/bits/all of it useful in some way.

I have some big ambitions around the sorts of things I want to create with 411. The ongoing HTTP Status Codes in the show names will continue to kill any SEO my show has but ah well!

It will be (I hope) the kind of project I first had in mind in 2018 when I started 301 as a ‘test’ in 2018 to see if I could make a regular podcast and what it would be like.

With all that now proved. It’s time to branch out.

UPDATE 7th May

I Re-uploaded a new version of the essay to include the following text in the acknowledgements:

I would also like to thank Gordon White for his friendship and support over the years. The rescue mission, the salvage mission, the campfires edge, star temples on hills in deep time. Many ideas and influences on my work and in this essay stem from him. If you are hearing this thank you to Gordon White then it is because you are listening to a re-uploaded version of this essay. In the original version I used and referenced his ideas without credit and without thanks.

That was unacceptable behavior on my part. 

One of my most long held and firm beliefs is that in order to foster mutual flourishing with benefits to all who participate in a community of thought or action: one must give judicious and generous credit wherever possible. I deeply regret my error in judgement and wish to apologise to him directly here. 

β€œI recognise my failing and will be sure to correct it” is a sentence that should be said from the heart and then acted upon. This is part of my action. It would be an understatement to say that his work and thought has been a huge influence on my life and so to our friendship.

This familiarity however is no excuse to become blind or uncaring towards one’s influences. Sometimes lessons learned can come with great costs. One must be as quick to act on those learnings as possible. This is a lesson that I will not need to be taught a second time. 

It won’t ever happen again.

Thank you Gordon.

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