The Week I Went On A Twitter Enya Binge

I preceded to go on an absolute tear and post about my love of Enya for over an hour. Blog header post 163

Regaining movement in muscles that were once tight and sore is a process of remembering

MARTHA PETERSON- Move Without Pain

Pitchfork have a podcast out this week called It’s Time to Take Enya Seriously. My response on twitter was of course DAMN RIGHT IT IS.

I then preceded to go on an absolute tear and post about my love of Enya for over an hour. It’s the most time I’ve spent on twitter in months – as a single solid chunk of time. As a result I lost a bunch of followers. LOL. Not that I care. A few years ago I would have been devastated. But now in 2020 I realise that I would probably have gained followers if I’d gone on a negative twitter thread instead. Not a positive one about something I enjoy and am passionate about.

Of course Twitter over the years has give me great pleasure, and I’ve made lots of friends though the platform. But today, it’s a social network with an over inflated sense of its influence in our culture and society.

During my Enya binge I said “If anyone works in radio and wants me to make a show about why I love Enya so much that would be a dream come true.” This is true. I’d love to make a 6 part radio documentary on Enya and have the licenses to quote snippets of audio. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do something on MixCloud. Some sort of live lecture / live stream.

So I’ve added it to the long list of things to do. I think a 6 part semi memoir series about my love of Enya and her life story starting with Dylan going Electric. I reckon it would be about 10k+ words of script. But I have neither the time or space in the diary to make this right now. If you would like me to actually work on this please consider supporting the blog. It would go toward making an Enya series ‘Enyavitable‘!

We also looked after our friends dog Loki this week. We took him for a long walk and it was all a bit much for him I think.

Come Internet With Me

ICYMI – I released the pilot episode of my new youtube webshow this week!

Come Internet With Me is a web show with a gentle premise: Browsing the web together.

In Episode 1, Speculative fiction writer and sustainability researcher Andrew Dana Hudson joins me for an hour of Internet.

We begin by searching β€œGerman Hanging Train”. Make our way though the history of monorails, check out the 1885 Dynamite Ballon, get side tracked by the Battle of Fleurus (1794), and look up the history and science of steel production, amongst other things.

This is the pilot episode! It will get better!
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Find out more about ADH:

If you regularly enjoy my writing, podcasts or shows please consider supporting my work here.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from folks. So thank you so much to those that got in touch! It’s an idea O’ve had for a while and I’m glad that ADH pushed me to execute on it. There will be a short break of a week or two, then the show will be back weekly for 9 more episodes of season 1 taking us up to the end of the year. I’ve got some great guests (in my opinion) lined up already, other friends have tentatively agreed with a few more in the works.

Reflecting on Epsiode 1 in my Notion here are some lessons learnt:

  1. Clearer instructions for the guest on how the recording is going to work.
  2. Practice the intro/ have an intro script!
  3. Have a timer on my desk so I know how long we’ve been going.
  4. Have a post-it next to the timer with reminders to ask the guest about their work etc (weave in interview/topics)
  5. NO DEAD AIR. Nobody wants to just watch two people looking at a laptop screen. (wont work as audio version)
  6. Clear search history in chrome / hide bookmarks bar / avoid using that browser all-together
  7. Have a few interview topics/points related to the guest to weave in throughout the show.

Permanently Moved

No Clock On TIK TOK

Tik Tok is the most Baudrillardian of Social Networks. Channel Hoppers, Jenkins, Mcluhan, Tik Tok’s UX and the need for Discernment.

I’ve been putting the scripts on line for episodes recently and I think its an improvement all round for how the show gets released. Thoes that follow via e-mail may have noticed older episodes going out (apologies!) the new Gutenberg interface has removed the old ‘Do not notify subscribes’ button. It’s a huge pain to go into the jetpack settings and turn the module off. I’ve commented on the Github ticket for this as a +1 to get this ported into the new interface asap.

Also I think the podcast homepage here on the blog is starting to look pretty good. Once I’ve got more of the scripts online I’m considering moving the url away from the libsyn page to that post hub.

Update From The Island

Wade left us this week so I took a nice photo with him before he went

Looks like Eve had a nice time at Pinky Birthday Party

I’m glad she captured her reaction to the pyramid I put on the beach! πŸ˜‚

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Had a whirlwind of a call with a polymath, and someone I suspect is an actual genius.
  • Recorded my bass stems for a forest bed track we’re all recording remotely.
  • As another lockdown is looking likely I started to put the 10k word script to THIS IS IT online and thinking about the PDF. It’ll be up next week.
  • Started the notes for my introduction essay to forthcoming Solarpunk anthology.
  • I’m really struggling with editing my Unsound 2020 piece. But now the dead deadline is due. It’s my Monday task.
  • CITW obvs.

Dipping the Stacks

Facebook censored C. S. Lewis | Gangleri’s Grove

This K-pop single by a group composed entirely of video game characters is No. 1 on the Billboard charts

America the Mediocre – Foreign Policy

Man Who Thought He’d Die Stranded In A Lake Reportedly Saved By Floating Tiki Bar Of Priests | The Daily Caller


I’m still reading the book on somatic movement I quoted at the top of this post, I also picked Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses back up and now I’m about 60% of the way though. Its not quite the page turner as Braiding Sweetgrass, but I’m glad I’ve settled into it again.


Not for everyone, but I’ve really been enjoying LIGHTLIKE // PARKS AND HUNT by Deantoni Parks and Technoself this week.

Remember Kids:

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