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I went for socially distanced beers in the park yesterday, and saw one of my favourite internet personalities.

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Both making my podcast yesterday and writing this blog today feel like a chore this week. But as my internal motivations for most things is: The only person i’m making anything for is myself. I feel like its important to get this weeks weeknotes up and out.

An on going fall out (I think) from the writers block I talked about last week.

Instead of finishing anything that’s pressing deadline wise. (With the exception of delivering a thing and exploring some future work opportunities) I’ve noodled around in multiple documents, 100 words here, re-reading a couple of 1000 words previously written and getting annoyed by my own writing. All very strange.

I have a lot on deck for next week as a consequence of the last two weeks slow down.

My birthday is coming up next month. I need to sit down and review my holistic life goals plan I wrote up about 18 months ago now. Some of the goals are in progress. others aren’t. Life is much easier when you have a few targets you can work backwards from.

The irony is I’ve coached CXOs and other creatives as an accountability coach/personal project manager. I know how these things can be overcome, Im just not doing them in my own life.

Perhaps not the best advert for my services that line…. but at least I’m honest.

Lockdown Week 15

I went for socially distanced beers in the park yesterday, and saw one of my favourite internet personalities. He clocked me from right across the park and was VERY happy to see me. Lots of jumping and licking of hands.

Maddox the shiba

Then is fucking SHAT it down. So we socially distanced under a large tree. Sorry the photo is blurry (I was running for shelter). Just after this photo you couldn’t see across the park for about 15mins as it was raining so hard.

I’ve also been wasting time on e-bay this week. I’d forgotten how addictive and rich the second hand economy is.

Update From The Island

Quick snap of eve very pleased with our new bamboo forest area

Maple asked me about my favourite music.

This happened, so now everyone is going around calling each other this:

Nuff said. Endlessly hilarious.

Permanently Moved

All Art Is Dust Eventually

Permanently Moved Podcast Cover Ep 2025


In celebration of ‘give it a go’ art restoration.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


The Ministry Of My Own Labour

As of episode 100 (which is coming up in a few weeks) I’m going to move posting about the podcast out from these Weeknotes blogs and into their own post category. I’ll probably post it on a Friday after its up and I’ve tweeted about it.

If anyone knows anyone working on, building, or thinking about the metaverse I’d like to explore working with folks who are in and around this part of the future.

Had a great 2 hour long catch up/chat with Andrew Dana Hudson during the week. It was lovely to see his face and go off on one about all sorts. At one point we were discussing AI and its embedded christian Eschatology. We are hoping to make it a regular thing.

Dipping the Stacks

A glossary of fog β€” Ernest journal

Is There a Better Way for the Left to Talk About American Christianity? | Literary Hub

VICE – How Uber Turned a Promising Bikeshare Company Into Literal Garbage

We desperately need social media literacy or the fascists will win – Pete Ashton’s Weblog


For some reason i’ve been sucked into a book that was only a couple of quid on kindle called The Pain Relief Secret: How to Retrain Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body, and Overcome Chronic Pain. It’s written by Sarah Warren from the Somatic Movement Center. I haven’t got very far into the book. But its really interesting so far.


Long time o’l buddies o’l pals, and vegan/ doom / progressive metallers / Ohhms have a new album out called ‘Close’. I mentioned a few years ago I bumped in to some old friends when I was in Krakow for Unsound. Well it was Paul from Ohhms and his wife Claire. Who I’ve both known since I was about 13. LOL.

Remember Kids:

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