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Well. I did end up writing the thing I talked about last week.


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Well. I did end up writing the thing I talked about last week. But as you can see if you are following along at home – I didn’t post it. I guess I’m uncomfortable with the idea of having something so personal on the internet in text. Something that has always been the iron law of existing online since I was a teenager.

My personal writing has taken on a far more personal turn during the lockdown period. Like (I think) it has done with many people. A generation had to sit inside with nothing but its hopes and fears. Some of those people – I assume – have found this beneficial. Others not so much, I suppose.

Daily diary entries spill out into other documents and become 500 words of introspection or reflection on a moment in my life. How I feel about a subject, a moment in my life. Or even how I feel about myself.

It might be something to do with working on a commission about being a Teenaged conspiracy theorist. A piece I hope to release as a 411 episode alongside the publication of the collecting it will be included in.

It has been enormously valuable to do this in a word document, and not just sit and process on the mat. It somehow fixes the issue for the moment and you can move on just as you do during meditation.

I also *think* that this turn has improved my writing in some ways. The episode of the podcast this week (I feel) is some of my best writing I’ve done recently. Bet then again it might also be that I’m nearing in on 100 episodes of practice.

Please do share it if you like this weeks episode I’d appreciate it if you did.

Permanently Moved

Do You Remember MSN?


From 2020 looking back, my memories of MSN feel like one long slow motion panic attack.


How Does Software Make You Feel?
Lurking: How a Person Became a User:

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


Lockdown Week 18

I went to the Bank this week to pay in a check from the Tax Man. It was nice to be somewhere taking the whole Global Pandemic thing seriously. And not just a news cycle.

Wait inside the yellow box

Afterwards I went for a long walk catching up on podcasts whilst trying to avoid the crowds on the river who weren’t the whole Global Pandemic thing seriously at all.

The main road outside my house was like a festival last night hope everyone is ok.

We drove down to Guilford last weekend to go to the re-opened vegan food market. It was alright but the castle gardens looked lovely!

Update From The Island

Eve hanging out, outside Nooks Cranny at sunset in a nice hat
Maple. Acting like a real friend IRL.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Just been working on that commission I mentioned.

Dipping the Stacks

Handmind in Covidtide | THR Blog | Blogs | The Hedgehog Review (Via)

On the Igbo Art of Storytelling | Literary Hub

Dogs May Be Good for Children’s Psychological Development – The New York Times

Right-Wing Propaganda Pair Paid Β£3 Million to Run Coronavirus Communications – Byline Times


I still haven’t finished reading anything 3 weeks now. I was also really behind on my podcast list too. Think I’m taking a big media diet life pause or something. My twitter consumption is also right down too. Feels good.


I’ve been listening to a shit ton of power metal again. Unleash the archers have a new album out soon. It’s the direct sequel to their concept album Apex that came out in 2017. The video for their new single Abyss is very silly. Love it.

Remember Kids:

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