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Sorry if blogging about blogging is boring.

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Thanks again to all the new supporters that have signed up in the last week! Upgrades for hosting of both 301 and this site are in progress .
I’m only one more subscriber away from covering a Descript licence. Which will speed up/improve my audio workflow immensely. I hope it allow me to expand into making interview/radio in the way that I feel comfortable.

In “Jay is doing things on the web but not hitting publish” news. I had a great conversation with Benedict from Rival yesterday. We had a chat about an essay series I’m about to start publishing, but the conversation zoomed out quickly to be about what is ‘the point of it all’ as it were – very useful. One of the takeaways was about putting some of the thinking I’ve done in the last few years for clients online. I might start a short series of 300-500 word briefings or whatever about concepts I’ve either come up with or found useful.

Either way, with the new hosting plan I’ll have a staging site, so I might bring forward the rebuild of the site. The current one was originally designed around the front page. But seeing as a lot of the eyeballs reach this site on pages other than the homepage it makes sense to do it all at the same time.

I’ve already decided I’m going to go with a Gutenberg/Block first theme and move away from the site editor I have.

This might delay the drop of the blogchain on the Metaverse I wanted to start publishing this Tuesday by a week or so. Either way the rebuild is going to be rapid and iterative.

Sorry if blogging about blogging is boring. I just think if you decided to ask people for money to lead a creative life and want to do as much of it self hosted as possible – I think its important to talk about it. From next week these updates will be incorporated into the ‘ministry’ section.

Permanently Moved

From Medway
To Miami

Folktales, Place, Megaliths, Bluebells, Homeless Children, Angels, Demons, La Llorona, Bad Streets and Landscape and more!

Update From The Island

Eve sat me down during the firework show last week. Cute
You heard it here first.
Eve says “Well I have been working out”

I just bought Metro 2033. I’m excited to play it. I think i’ll be spending a little less time on the island, and more time in post apocalyptic Moscow.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

I finished up the essay on bring a Teenaged Conspiracy Theorist. Big up Paul Graham Raven and others for the feedback.

Recording a cute little audio thing for an upcoming issue of magazine.

Had some good news on a sci-fi story I wrote with Andrew Dana Hudson. More on that soon.

Been working on this long Metaverse series for this blog. ASAP

Dipping the Stacks

In a Post-Bourdain World, Culture Comes Straight From the Source β€” Via YouTube

Home Body β€” Real Life

β€˜The President Was Not Encouraging’: What Obama Really Thought About Biden – POLITICO

Mindfulness and meditation can worsen depression and anxiety | New Scientist
NO SHIT. Why is this even ‘science’ news?


I finished Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It – by Adam Savage. When i was done i was reflecting on if I had been in my early twenties reading this, and loving mythbusters as much as I did then, it think this book would have had a profound influences on me. Instead, in my mid thirties, I spent a great deal of time nodding along thinking “I too have learnt this important lesson”.

I inhaled the first book in the new ‘Dawn of Fire’ series Avenging Son. And have modded on to the first Warhammer Crime Novel.

A book haul arrived this week! Really looking forward to digging into the Ian Cheng book.


Unleash the archers have a new album out! It’s AWESOME

I already posted the video to Abyss (albums title track) Soulbound above is one of the most important songs in the story line of the album. The music video has the singer Courtney playing ‘the matriarch’ figure. If you are a fan of iron maiden or power metal in general and aren’t listening to Unleash The Archers … why not!

Here’s a nice tour of their rehearsal space. I like how its just as crapy on the inside as any other practice room.

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