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T.X. WATSON Searches ‘Zettelkasten Method’ | Come Internet With Me

Come Internet With Me is a web show with a gentle premise:
Browsing the web together.

This week on Come Internet With Me I’m joined by Tiktok-ker and vigilante for academia public relations T.X. WATSON!!

We begin by searching ‘Zettelkasten method’. Take a tour though personal wikis, hypertext, the pros and cons of the Dewey Decimal vs. Genrefication in libraries, and then explore the home pages of the big 4 ‘Second Brain’ information tools. WorkFlowy, Roam Research, Notion, and Obsidian.

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Notable pages we visited are bookmarked in the channel below:

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About Author

Jay Springett is a Solarpunk, and consultant strategist, currently specialising in the distributed web, metaverse, and world running. He is currently writing his first public book: Land as Platform.


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