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Cade Diehm Searches ‘Economic Subcultures’ | Come Internet With Me

Come Internet With Me is a web show with a gentle premise:
Browsing the web together.

This week I’m joined by The New Design Congress founder, and digital infrastructure and security researcher Cade Diehm.

We search ‘Economic Subcultures’. Discover Fan Economies, Furry Socialism, 3D Avatar Social Apps, Take a deep dive into spending in the Furry Fandom, look at Animal Crossing’s ‘Bell’ grey market, and ponder the Brony Fandom’s recent album ‘Ponies at Dawn’.

Having since listened to the album I disagree with Cade. I think its great! My fav track is ‘bank pain’.

New Design Congress:
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Notable pages we visited during the show are bookmarked in the channel below:

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Jay Springett is a Solarpunk and strategist, specialising in the distributed web, metaverse, and world running. He is currently writing his first book: The Web Was a Side Quest


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