EOY 2020 | 2050

Closing out Season 3, 50 Episodes in 50 weeks!

Thanks to everyone for listening in 2020. Speak to you all next year.

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EOY 2020

We made it! 50 weeks, 50 podcasts in a row. JUST.

The show is a little late this week, as you can imagine a combination of, β€˜just that time of year’ on top of the utter shitshow that was Jupiter following Saturn into Aquarius yesterday.

Well, that’s this year done, by clock and calendar time at least. By plot time, it still has some ways to run yet. Anyway:


I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who is listening and for following along this year. 

This little one man band of a 5 min podcast is closing out 2020 with 44,000 downloads to its name. Which is a big number by anyone’s estimation.

Excluding the audio essay This Is It. The most popular episodes by downloads I’ve made this year are:

2028 – Do You Remember MSN?
2019 – Animal Crossing Is The Place For Taste
2008 – Role For A Thought Leadership Check

Which is interesting, given the type of episodes that they are, the shape of them and their subject matter. 

For whatever reason, the episodes I am most proud making are always the ones that get shared and liked the least.

For what it’s worth, I enoyed making the following episodes:

2013 – Notes From Lockdown
2022 – Sonic Geography
2029 – How To Make An Episode Of 301

This is after all a personal podcast.  Every episode I’ve ever made is the one I’ve wanted to make that week. So I’m just going to keep doing whatever I feel like doing.


This episode’s script has been a struggle. I am it seems not mentally ready to take an introspective or retrospective turn. 

So to ease myself in, I went back and listened to 2019’s End Of Year podcast. It’s the first time I’ve listened to it since I made it last year. 

I said that I wanted to institute some β€˜new normals’ in my life for 2020. They were new years resolutions or goals of sorts. 

They were: 

  • Finish what I start, 
  • Continue to make and create things that bring me joy. 
  • Be more disciplined with my time and energy and direct it towards the things I enjoy. 

I am pleased to report that those ‘new normals’ have served me well. I have by and large finished a lot of things that I started this year. Far more than in previous years that for sure.

I did a deep dive assessment of how things were going back in Episode 100 or 2031. My feelings about the show are still more or less the same. You can go back and listen to that if you feel like it.

As I end season 3. I’m pleased to have got to grips with and embraced the discipline of creating something on a schedule. Deciding what β€˜good enough’ means to me comes easier every week too.

I will also continue to stress. This podcast has been an important outlet for me, and for my mental health since it began. Starting this show has quite frankly improved my life. It’s a regular beat in the week that I orbit around.  

I also said last year that I didn’t enjoy spending hours and hours on social media watching the world scroll by. 

It’s so weird to me that doom scrolling is a word that got invented this year. It’s a phenomenon that just needed a name. 

I actually think (unlike many people on social media). That everyone should be getting off social media and starting a blog or a podcast in 2021. I’ll read and listen.

We must express ourselves regularly away from the feeds. Lockdown has turned the dials on this for many people and I sense a lot of momentum and energy. I can’t wait to see where it leads.

There’s a lot more that I’d like to say about this year. About making this show, about writing and blogging in general. About selling my first sci fi story, and writing a novel. So I’ll talk about that in my usual end of year blog post. I’ll round up my favourite albums of the year too at some point between now and new years.

Speaking of the the blog. I’ve also got a lot of unfinished posts in my drafts. Considering the goals I set myself last year for 2020. This is either a good reflection of my productivity, or an utter failure.


You can now find most of the scripts for past shows in an archive on my blog. I’ve realised how useful it is to have the ideas fixed in text, and not locked up in audio. I should have listened to you folks who told me to post them back in 2018. Having a body of work online has become a source of pride, satisfaction and even a source of some surprise.

The 2020 script document for the show has over 52k words in it. Once this episode is online, I will have published over 4 hours of material.  If you include the essay This is it – over 5. 

Thats a lot of my dulcet tones. So I’m going to give you all a break, and I’ll be back for episode 2101 on the 8th of Jan. 

So thank you again to everyone for listening. A spacial shout out to those of you who have chosen to support the show financially. I really appreciate it. The show continues to grow and my creative endeavours are breaking even. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Speak to you next year, thanks agin.

Be well.

The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in audio due to time constraints.

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