Some Momentum Once Again

I’m afraid I’m going to talk about my own productivity again


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Unfortunately for you I’m afraid I’m going to talk about my own productivity again. I’m really noticing the fact I haven’t been anywhere or done anything for nearly a year – its definitely getting to me a little bit.

After getting the advanced draft of essay off/out last weekend, I’ve found myself with some ‘momentum’ once again (thank god).

Unfortunately the few weeks of being stuck has resulted in other things with deadlines that were sensible when agreed are now looming.

I brain dumped my todolist into a word document at the beginning of the week and then cross checked it with my ‘mission control’ in Notion. I managed to tidy up my life catch a few things I’d missed and I’ve basically been getting on with stuff.

Late in the week, I realised I was spreading myself too thin. Too many things to do and by working a little on each I wasn’t finishing anything. I prioritised it all in notion giving each thing a score out of 5: Urgency, how much it excites me, upside, effort.

Since then I’ve adopted a ‘Pomodoro like’ working day that includes 40min sprints. The most important part for me is that Pomodoro makes you select the task at hand before you begin. Full mono tasking.

It’s working out well so far. I’m also using it right now to get this blog post done. I’m going to try and keep it up in to next week. If it works out I might write up how I feel about it, and then draw a line about ‘woe is me I’m feeling really unproductive’ posts for a while. Dimensino posts will resume shortly.

I managed to write, edit and send a report that was due this week, I also wrote a 15min talk on the ‘speculative present’ from scratch this weekend that is mostly new material. I’m recording it tomorrow morning when there’s daylight.

Anyhoos. I’m going to post this and then play Inquisitor Martyr until my eyes bleed.

If you haven’t seen this video from Matt Jones and Red Bull yet definitely check it out! I was wondering what the reaction a Victorian would have been if you showed them “This is what people are going to be doing with/on bikes in 2021′

Permanently Moved

Solarpunk, Stacktivism and Cold Texas

The Texas disaster has all the elements of a Solarpunk story.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Worked on a sekret project
  • Another session on the DAO project
  • Wrote a 15min talk for a thing in Japan
  • Edited a bunch of old poetry of all things
  • Had a bunch of really interesting calls
  • Wrote, edited and sent off a report about zoomer audience co-creation and vibes
  • Accepted an invitation to speak on a panel at a convention later in the year

Dipping the Stacks

The biggest legal crisis facing Uber started with a pile of vomit | WIRED UK

‘Redwall’ Netflix TV Series: The Best Food Porn Ever Written

Why you can’t play on history’s most thrilling piece of playground equipment | National Post

Playing at the World: Western Gunfight (1970): the First RPG?

Play Away: Gabriel Elvery | The Scottish Games Network


Spent the week reading Power of Silence by Nicolas Diat and Cardinal Robert Sarah on and off over breakfast. It’s a wonderful book really enjoying a whole swathe of french religious writing that keeps getting quoted.

Oh boy do monks that like silence INSIST that the only way to pray/meditate is in the quiet.
Kinda like how buddhist monks insist that you give all of your stuff to them before you can learn to meditate properly.

Music Spotify Playlist 

edIT – Tonight With You

Despite saying he would never release music under the naem edIT again, edIT is releasing new music. I can’t belive I haven’t mention edIT OR the glitch mob on the blog before. edIT’s “Crying Over Pros for No Reason” is one of the most important albums in my life.

Tonight With You is classic edIT. A single from the upcoming ‘Come to grips’ album out next week.

It features a lot of the tricks and lines you’ll be familiar with from working with Glitch Mob. But also features a lot of the delicate production work and attention to detail that is his calling card. I have always enjoyed the way he plays with textures sometimes filtering a sample to a dead stop on a quaver and then glitching forward in to another teqture shape. So good.

Also, I HAVE to mention this!

Arca – Madre Acappella

Yeah.. damn! I think y’all should listen to this first in its entirety THEN listen to the recent release feat. Oliver Coates.

Remember Kids

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