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Last year I was asked to contribute a piece to Unsound 2020 project: ‘Intermission’.


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Last year I contributed a piece to Unsound 2020’s project: ‘Intermission’. With the festival cancelled due to plague, they brought together a collection of music and writing. “A time capsule of a year of upheaval, made up of words, field recordings and music.”

The album features a collabo between SOPHIE and Jlin. And also includes tracks from 33emybw, Laraaji, Ben Frost, Chris Watson and more.

2xLP Gatefold Viny
Intermission Book

The accompanying book features a piece from me called ‘Insufficient Tolkien’. It’s about second hand bookshops, being a teenaged conspiracy theorist before the Internet age. My thoughts on ‘The Infowar’, Qanon and the decades long withering of institutional legitimacy. Here’s the opening line.

It might seem odd to claim that a lack of paperback fantasy trilogies was what tipped me into being a teenaged conspiracy theorist. Nevertheless, that’s how it went.Β 

Insufficient Tolkien – Jay Springett

I’ve you have listened to my Interdependence podcast interview with Mat and Holly, some of the contents might be familiar as it was top of mind at the time of recording.

Heres what The Quietus said about the rest of the book

The book, meanwhile, combines memoirs, critical texts and poetry, taking in 25 written pieces in all. It covers subjects such as the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, ecology, mental health, conspiracy theories, racism, LGBTQ+ rights, sound, tourism, the precarious state of the music industry, nostalgia, and identity. Authors include music journalists, nature writers, novelists, poets, theorists, curators and activists.

Get it now

The digital album, the book and 2xLP gatefold Vinyl are available now on Bandcamp. Unsound dedicated the release to SOPHIE.

Big thanks to Mat Schulz and MichaΕ‚ at Unsound for inviting me to contribute to the project. Paul Graham Raven for his coaching and moral support, and Kei Kreutler and Alex Fradera for their feedback whilst I was writing it.

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