Out The Woods

Going to the woods was fucking great. Having no phone signal and no internet for a week was fucking great.


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Going to the woods was fucking great. Having no phone signal and no internet for a week was fucking great.

I’ve completely reset my relationship with Twitter and thats a massive win.

There was a lot of this:

… also a lot of this:

It wasn’t exactly peaceful – unless you consider the background roar of the M3 and light aircraft landing in the airfield nearby peaceful. But I still feel refreshed.

The break was very cool. We stayed in a cabin with a hot tub. Long walks every morning, followed by hot tub and beers, then reading books and eating, then more beer and more hot tub.

Good company and an escape from the 4 walls of our apartments we’ve been trapped in.

In other news our Clivia DID flower whilst we were away. Wonderful!

Permanently Moved

The Dark Souls Method

Author J David Osborne guest hosts 301 this week. He talks Darksouls, Petscop, Gulags and Narrative strategy.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

The new moon eclipse was an important date for a fresh start. Looking forward to getting back to work with a fresh perspective.

Dipping the Stacks

1993: Curses – 50 Years of Text Games

A grad student’s side project spawns a text games renaissance, leading to thousands of new games and decades of innovation.

Why one collector destroyed critic Jerry Saltz artwork to prove the NFT revolution is not an art revolution – SuperRare Editorial

This is a story about a proclaimed act of NFT terrorism that was mistaken for an attempt at ransom but was actually a lesson in property rights.

Why Are Investment Funds Obsessed with Old Songs? – Culture Notes of an Honest Broker

More to the point: there’s one hot area in music that gets savvy financial investors excited, and only oneβ€”old songs. 

Why Japan’s Rail Workers Can’t Stop Pointing at Things – Atlas Obscura

A spokesperson for Tokyo Metro noted in a statement that new employees β€œrecognize pointing-and-calling as necessary for safe rail operations, and therefore do not feel embarrassment.”


I read Peter Greys ‘The Two Antichrists’ , Terminal Boredom by Izumi Suzuki and the Warhammer 40k book ‘Godblight’

It was a great week for books. I’m going to be joining a little reading group talking about Terminal Boredom with some folks on the Xenogothic patreon discord and I’ll be re-reading the The Two Antichrists asap. There were a couple of ‘oh shit’ moments in Pete’s text.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist

Not having any signal in the woods meant those in the crew that had thought to stream their ‘holiday playlist’ were disappointed.

Fortunately for almost everyone Eve had about 5 hours of Jungle on her phone. Which in turn quickly established that our friend Natalie most certainly IS NOT a Junglist.

Congo Natty – Junglist (feat Peter Bouncer)

Remember Kids:

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