Summer Chalk 2021

I went back to the chalk for 5 nights for my dads Birthday this week. It was good.

I went back to the chalk for 5 nights for my dads Birthday this week. It was good.

Folk Week was happening in Broadstairs and I went down a few times to check out what was going on and walk around.

A sign in broadstairs warning about hood horses and dragons in 2021
All just totally normal
No novelty. Just ‘home’ in August

I also got to see some friends I’ve known for 20 years.

We drank beers, caught up, and watched this happen all the way down. When the last chink of sunlight dropped below the waves everybody cheered. They do it every night in summer apparently.

A photo of a Golden sunset at margate, August 2021
You don’t get to see anything like this for free in London thats for sure.

Went up to Faversham to see my Uncle.

So nice up there.

I also went up the loft to assess the alarming ‘junk’ situation. Thankfully the parents loft is 100% cheaper than big box storage.

In the process of looking though some stuff, I the found my Redwall fan art from the late 90’s

The trip home to see the family was, all things considered, a grand success.

For those of you subscribed via email and are receiving emails that look like the below screenshot, I think this is unacceptable. I’ve opened an issue with wordpress on github. It can’t just be me that this is happening to? I guess I’ll find out soon.

Also, there is a video block in this post that seems to have crashed. I can’t remove it, or interact with it in any way. So enjoy this redundant video with nothing in it:

Permanently Moved

Episode 100!

4 years, 150 Episodes, 12.5hrs of audio, 9 Video Episodes and 160,000+ words of script. β€˜Number goes up’ gives you a nice feeling. But the more energy spent caring about stats, the more numbers became a source of personal validation.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • I’ve been working on the bitcoin essay a little bit. its huge in scope.
  • Might have some bits and bobs on the horizon with a few teams.
  • Been working on a personal audio project. Basically noodling on the text trying to find the right voice.
  • Working on my talk for the on the 17th.
  • Messed about in VR some more, before heading down to Kent in the week.
    • Might write up where I am with it and what its made me think about.

Dipping the Stacks

What The (Dixie) Chicks Meant to Me As a Teenager in Namibia β€Ή Literary Hub

The Chicks sang of small town life, of girls longing for better, of women leaving to find themselves. All I wanted, really, as a young, black Rwandan-born teenager was a place where I could be anything except a young, black Rwandan-born teenager.

Hacking space on the horizon for 2023 | by Shaun Waterman | Aug, 2021 | README_

U.S. Space Force is working on a plan for security researchers to attempt to pwn a live satellite orbiting earth in Hack-A-Sat 4.

My favorite nonexistent painter

People have noted that when using giant internet-trained AIs like CLIP+VQGAN to generate images, you get much nicer-looking images if you include an artist byline.

Ecology of Attention

Ecology of Attention is a curatorial project of Montag Modus that consists of four performance exhibitions and a digital publication. Montag Modus is an interdisciplinary series organized by the MMpraxis curatorial platform. The series centers around performance art, choreography, and time-based media, are presented in a form of a group exhibition. 

Are the “spoon” questions on-topic? And should they be? – Worldbuilding Meta Stack Exchange

Looking at the specific questions, it seems to me that they’re not really asking about building a fictional world. In fact, most of them don’t even really seem to be “questions”, as the term is generally used here on Stack Exchange, but more like open-ended lateral thinking puzzles:


I’m reading ‘Building Imaginary Worlds The Theory and History of Subcreation’ by Mark J.P. Wolf at the moment. Paul recommended it to me ages ago. Obviously I wasn’t going to pay 50 quid for it with shipping, I managed to get it on eBay for just under 20 quid. In *perfect* condition. Bargin.

I’m only 50 pages in, its dense but full of great stuff.

Music Spotify Playlist

Oh boy, I’ve inhaled so much great music this week. It’s all in the orbit of Grindcore so if you don’t like blast, YMMV this week. If you DO like any of these tracks, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Vaelmyst – Secrypts Of The Egochasm

Vaelmyst are melodic deathcore/metal. Really enjoyed listening to this on the train from start to finish. Not a second wasted on this album

Anal Stabwound – “Abstraction Bathes In Sunlight” 

Apart from having a really great band name, ‘Anal Stabwound’ are a really techy ‘fast and blast’ grindcore band. Track 2 on the album is called ‘An Uncovering of Ancient Evil’. It’s brutale. Queued up below.

Fawn Limbs – Darwin Falls

Lastly I want to mention Darwin Falls. This album is exprimental mathcore with some grindy blast bits. What makes them really interesting to my ear is the horn and percussion section. It sounds to me like they are fully part of the band.

I Really like them, and I’m going to check out their other work in the coming weeks.

Remember Kids:

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