Episode 100 | 2031


“I have made my own self doubt an acquaintance. I guess we are working on becoming friends”. Also an Announcement

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Episode 100

Episode 100 you say? There are 100 episodes in my feed  and one of them is 411, so thereโ€™ only 99 episodes.

Well observed. But there is an unreleased Episode. Made in December 2018. The bitter rant by a depressed version of me about Brexit and Boomers. I didnโ€™t like it and I told myself I wouldn’t make anything like that again – and have not

Last time we reviewed Episode 50. Released 16th of August 2019. So factoring the  understandable 2 week break I took over Christmas. Iโ€™ve been making this weekly for an entire year. 

Party noise. 

There has been a lot of creative discipline involved. Doing something a 100 times is about the right amount of time to decide if you like doing something. As you can tell. Iโ€™ve decided I like it. So what’s changed and what stayed the same since Episode 50? What’s next? 

First off, thereโ€™s the opening well well well. I think about the clip I used to today every Episode. The band Farfromthesun included it on their demo nearly 20 years ago. The singer and his older brother are still my friends. Even though I haven’t seen them as much as I should have over the years.  I think about them every time I open the show though. Good memories. 

In May of this year. My friend Huw described the show as โ€œbringing new life to the aural periodicalโ€ in his newsletter. It was a very generous description. The term aural periodical is one I have embraced since then in how I describe the show to others.

Iโ€™ve recently begun to re-consider whether I should continue making this show in one hour. The conceit of the show is that it’s 301 seconds in length, not the self imposed constraint of making it in one hour. Moving on youโ€™ll only be able to tell when a show was made in one hour in the intro. 

Recent Episodes like the one on MSN and How to make this thing both push the limits of what can be done in one hour. And If Iโ€™m honest both probably came in at the 75-90min mark in production time. To me, these both sound like proper radio. Reaching the vibe that I had in mind when I started in April 2018. If you go back to Episode 50 I described how I make an episode of 301. I did a far better job of it 2 weeks ago in episode 20-29 and it demonstrates how far I’ve come. Now one Notch better than mediocre.

Back in Episode 50 I also said that making this show had done wonders for my psychological health. Hitting upload every week  helping me get over the self critical hangups Iโ€™ve had though out my life. I recently wrote in my notebook “I have made my own self doubt an acquaintance. I guess we are working on becoming friends” so thats nice.

Iโ€™ve made one long form audio essay in the shape of 411 THIS IS IT. It was an interesting endeavour. I learnt a lot. If i was to do it again I’d cut it into two or three pieces around 20mins each. As mentioned the other week Part 2 – Visionary mode is on hold. Despite a lot of energy going into it already. But I’m waiting to hear back on a potential related opportunity.

I enjoyed making the shows on Sonic Geography, and the one on Depression (Episode 19-34) as they sound so different sonically. Experimental. A format Iโ€™d like to explore more with 411.

Truth be told, I only started Permanently Moved as a test run. To learn the skills needed to start a Solarpunk podcast. That’s still on the horizon but not anytime soon.

Iโ€™d like to have a go at interviews and telling a story across multiple episodes next. I have an idea, but the Rona needs to calm down before I can visit people for IRL to record interviews. And idea that might become its own thing

Iโ€™ve also learnt the satisfaction of possessing a body of work. 100 examples of anything posted to the public realm is a lot of material. My script documents now total well over 100,000 words between them. Which is like three books. Iโ€™m proud of that achievement, it’s certainly way more enjoyable than writing a newsletter. Again with the aural periodical.

Some of you listen every week. Others seem to save up multiple new episodes and listen back to back. They are after all only 5mins. This show has been downloaded over 25,000 times since Episode 50.

I have plans to start a new show called 102. Initially starting with book reviews. Just as 411 means space required. 102 means Processing.

Lastly, when I started making this I said to myself Iโ€™d see about monetising it if 5 people asked about supporting the show. I figured youโ€™d need to be very motivated to reach out.

A friend who makes their living from podcasting, told me money changes the relationship to what you’re creating when money gets involved. I think for me that might be a positive thing.

I’d like to get paid to do more of what I love doing.

At this stage Iโ€™d like to cover costs. Hosting etc. Iโ€™d also like to buy some more and better gear. Iโ€™d be well chuffed by that alone.

The fifth person reached out about supporting the show about 10 days ago. So if youโ€™d like to support this show at 5 pounds a month, or provide a yearly recurring support you can by going to thejaymo.net/support.

I donโ€™t like or trust Patreon, but I do trust WordPress and Stripe. So youโ€™ll need a WordPress account – but that’s ok as I think y’all should be starting blogs anyway. When costs are covered I may migrate away from WordPress as the intermediary. But they’d be little no change on your side.

Alternatively you can also send 5 bucks whenever you want via the paypal begging bowl on the same page.

So that’s it. A shot in the dark. Asking people for money to make something I’m already making for free after 100 episodes.

I’ll speak to you for free next week.  

The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in audio due to time constraints.

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