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I can’t believe I’ve made 200 of these. Episode 1 seems so very far away! One of the things I haven’t yet thought about, is how do I know when I’m done?

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Episode 200

I can’t believe I’ve made 200 of these things. 

About 16h and 45mins ago, in Episode 1, I said the following:

Date Line: 20th March
Website: morning.computer
Short Things – Warren Ellis: 

β€œI would dearly love more five-minute podcasts. Some podcasts seem to take five minutes just listing and talking-up their sponsors.  
Find the shape that the piece actually fits, rather than the shape the current culture expects it to be. You might be more likely to finish it. Hell, I might be more likely to finish it.”

Short things – Warren Ellis

So that’s it. The motivation for the show. 301 seconds 5 mins and 1second, is also the HTTP status code from which the show takes its name.

From the beginning the container had a hook, a size and a name. 

I spent the next 4 years and 4 months figuring out what to fill that container with.

Episode 2 saw the first well well well

Episode 6 I mentioned that I’d never stuck at a creative endeavour for so long. 

Episode 9 I bit the bullet and began scripting the show.

In Episode 16 we find the complete and familiar intro that the show still has today. Three and a half months of doing something every week. It takes that long to uncover what the shape of the container is. You have to fill it up a few times. Get inside it and poke around.

The experience of doing that. Putting something inside this container week after week has been very personal. If you listen from the very beginning, you can hear me grow.

I’ve spoken about this all before. Over doing the same thing for 200 episodes I’ve learned to write. I’ve learned to edit that writing. I’ve learnt to read words aloud. I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of creative practice. I’ve learnt a lot about myself. 

Week in week out I’ve made an episode. The first 100 were all made in one hour. The next 100 I took my time. The show starts on a Thursday. Drafting the script. My week ends on Saturday when I hit upload. Then I have 4 days for an idea to come along. More often than not – one does come along. I pluck it from the ether and make it a reality. I’ve learned to live with the disappointing reality that the thing made manifest, is never as good as the thing in abstract. 

I have fallen for and moved past the temptation to define my self worth and self esteem by the number of downloads and views my creative work is getting.

I’ve learnt to edit video. I’m still learning to speak to camera. Putting the audience inside the camera and not the microphone is a weird mental shift.

Episode 22-29 is a recent episode that I’m enormously proud of. It felt like something real that I actually had to say. In fact, I’m tremendously proud of all 200 episodes. Sure some are better than others, but they have all been made as part of, in the service of, something bigger. 

301 has been a journey. Every week I have an idea, and release it in multiple formats. Each aspect is just an element of 301. They all make up the greater act of creative self expression. 

The larger project: Permanentlymoved.online

When I first started making 301, I asked Gordon White over at Runesoup if he had any advice. He strongly urged me to think about the concept of show seasons. This allows for breaks. Producing, creating, week after week is a lot of work. Had I known how much effort and work it was going to be back in 2018, I still would have jumped in. With both feet. Do the Work as Pressfield says. 

One of the things I haven’t thought about, if only because it hasn’t really crossed my mind, is how do I know when I’m done? I’ve learnt to judge when an episode’s script is done. During the audio/video editing process, I know when the show’s done too. But as for the wider project? When is 301 done? I don’t know.

But I do know that after 200 episodes I’m going to take a break. 

For a month….

I should be clear, I’m taking a break from making 301. Not taking a break from Permanently Moved. Over the next month, I plan on making something new. I want to pick up some other containers and see what fits inside them. I’m excited. If a little nervous. 

I’d like to thank everyone who has ever listened to 301 thus far. Especially the paid supporters who make this worthwhile. You have all heard me grow on air inside this little 5 minute container.

Issue three of start select reset zine is shaping up well. Anyone subscribed at 5 pounds a month or up will receive it in the post towards the end of the month.

If you have ever found anything of value in this show, please support my work. These are uncertain times. Supporting me at any level would enable me to do more and make more. If you have the means please consider subscribing at www.thejaymo.net/support.

At the very least, please be generous. Share an episode with a friend, drop your favourite one in a discord. Write about it on your blog, or mention it in your newsletter.

Lastly,  thank you to Eve for sharing her life with me and being so supportive week after week.

Be well, and I’ll speak to you in September. 


The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the episode in the edit.

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