Some Things to Get Done | 2203

I woke up this morning morning with no idea what I was going to talk about on the show today. As it turned out, ambitions for 2022.

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Some Things to Get Done

I was thinking I might do today’s show on West Elm Caleb. It would have been about how brands jumping into the shitstorm on Twitter is more dystopian than the witch hunt as light entertainment on TikTok. I was going to talk about 4chan, griefing, witch hunts and gamer gate. How the airing of minor grievances for clout is actually a secondary behaviour in the lulz based economy.  

We collectively learnt nothing from gamergate, and instead mainstreamed the pile on during the Trump era and we are where we are.. But I can’t be bothered with all that. Instead I’ll direct you towards Jaymo’s first internet law:

Any insufficiently moderated online space will trend toward 4chan over time.

Jaymo’s first internet law

So with that subject dropped, I head into Saturday morning with no idea what I’m going to talk about on the show today. But thats ok, because I’ve produced over 170 episodes now. 

One of the things I learnt early on is that you have to accept whatever you make and move on. There’s always another episode next week. It’s the act of making the show thats important.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the video version of the show recently. So if you’re watching on Youtube right now, why not like and subscribe? The first proper video episode was 21-24 Big Feelings Are Like Beads in a Bowl. I re-watched it recently to see how far things have come between June of 2021 and January of 2022. I was pleased to note that it’s come quite far.

But how I can make it better? The video version I (have to remind myself) is a bonus format too the shows primary creative focus. Which of course is to write, record and publish an audio podcast – every week. So I’m not sure I can push it that much further within the constraints.

Which means if I want to explore video as a format, I’ll have to make something that’s for video first. But the question is, what?

Speaking of video, I want to record more episodes of Come Internet With Me in 2022. The concept is solid, and works well. Though I think it would be improved by being live streamed. On the other hand, that would make guest scheduling trickier. So its swings and roundabouts. Even better would be todo Come Internet With me live on stage in front of an audience for an hour.

This episode seems to be evolving into Jay’s creative ambitions for 2022. So lets lean into it that, and keep going. 

Due to the fear of finding out I have a bunch of early stage audio projects which were abandoned and then shelved. Pieces of creative work far longer than the usual 5 minute container. I have always had vague ambitions that these would be 411 episodes. I was reading though one of the documents the other night actually. 6k words of script that I started writing during one of the lockdowns at some point in the last 2 years. Which one I don’t remember. On re-reading decided that it’s not all bad . So maybe 2022 will be the year for long form audio.

Speaking of long form audio: I want to make a mini series this year. Actually have a bash at making real radio. Unfortunately, for some listeners, not the Enya documentary – though that would be sick. 

I don’t want to go into too much detail for fear of jinxing it. But it’s my ambition to make something in the style of A Life Well Wasted – one of the best one man band podcasts ever made. I’d like to capture the tone of that show, but also feed in the influence that WNYC studios has had on podcasting as a form. I have some provisional guests lined up. I just need to do the work.

I was also thinking of making a narrative Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team audio battle report. I might do this in the next few weeks actually. Combine audio of me and a mate playing the game, rolling dice etc. with fiction written from the models point of view on the table top. Sound design it with some explosions, las guns, and bolt shells. Seems like a fun thing to try and make. 

In other creative news, I finally managed to get my 3D depth camera hooked up to Unity. The other night I turned the video feed into a real time particle effect point cloud running at 30fps. I’m using the DepthAI toolset. Eventually with computer vision I hope to have Unity track the real life shadow puppets I’ve been making. This will open up all sorts of creative possibilities. Effects, animation and contextual depth of field for the shadow play. I’m really looking forward to getting it all hooked up and working. But thats still a long way off for now. I have a lot of python to learn first. 

Finally, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I’m in a band on 301. Which means that you don’t know that I’m in a slow, sad, English, country band called Forest Bed. We have about 45 mins of material right now and it’s looking like we’ll be recording an EP some time in May. So expect that on Bandcamp in the near future. 

We’re also hoping to start playing some shows pretty soon. Follow my blog if that’s the sort of info you want to be kept updated on.

Thanks for listening. I’ll speak to you next week.


The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the episode in the edit.

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